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Critical Employment Issues for Nonprofits in the New Normal

Critical Employment Issues for Nonprofits in the New Normal

Wednesday, June 23, 2021 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm EDT

The pandemic is receding and more nonprofit employees are coming back to work together. Now is the time to take another look at some of the basic rules of employment law for nonprofits.

Many of the issues will continue essentially the same as they were, but some will have to change in the “new normal.”  The rules help create the atmosphere for collegial and collaborative work within the organization.

Employment liability claims are among the most frequent and most serious potential litigation issues that a nonprofit faces.  Join us for a comprehensive overview of some of the most critical issues in employment law and learn how you can keep on the right side of a lawsuit.

This webinar will offer insights on:

  • FMLA/COVID related leave
  • vaccine policies
  • returning employees to work and remote work
  • diversity, equity & inclusion
  • off-work social media use by employees
  • sexual harassment
  • discrimination and retaliation
  • employee handbooks
  • disciplinary procedures
  • investigating workplace complaints

We will cover the issues from establishing the rules in compliance with the law, communicating the rules, and investigating complaints about violation of the rules.

Renee Nunley Smith and Erin K. Clarke, labor and employment partners at Montgomery McCracken in Philadelphia, will lead the discussion.  You can ask them your pressing employment law questions during the program.

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