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Recorded Webinar - Board Leadership Practices for Achieving Your Mission

Recorded Webinar - Board Leadership Practices for Achieving Your Mission

Originally Recorded - May 20, 2015
Nonprofits depend upon effective leadership from both the board and staff to successfully fulfill their missions and programs.  The Standards for Excellence® 2.0 Ethics and Accountability Program for the Nonprofit Sector has set forth a series of significant principles and policies to enhance the leadership and governance of charitable organizations.

This webinar will provide critical insight on (1) governance and fiduciary responsibility, including executive supervision, performance and compensation, board effectiveness, succession planning, leadership development, board member independence, and conduct of board meetings; (2) leadership and operational management, including executive functions and supporting the board; and (3) the need for cultural competency.

The revised Standards have been developed after 16 years of work with nonprofits of all sizes and types across the United States.  You can learn the key principles that have been distilled from that experience.

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