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Recorded Webinar - Board Roles and Responsibilities--and Potential Liabilities

Recorded Webinar - Board Roles and Responsibilities--and Potential Liabilities

Recorded June 18, 2014
The Board is responsible for the organization. It can add insight and muscle to make an organization thrive. But it can also fail to pay attention, leaving the possibility of organizational failure and personal liability.

This webinar discussed the role of the Board, including both individual and group responsibilities so that it can thrive rather than fail.

It focused on directors’ fiduciary duty, particularly the duty to “ask dumb questions.” It discussed ways to reduce the risk of personal liability.

It also focused on ways to make the organization more effective, understanding “whose organization is it?”, and assuring procedures that make board meetings more productive and the organization more effective. Nonprofit Issues® Editor Don Kramer shares his experience from more than 35 years of representing nonprofits of all types and sizes and serving on numerous nonprofit boards himself.

If you are currently serving on a board, considering serving on a board, or are top staff responsible for helping run board meetings, you will gain practical insights on the board-staff dynamic so critical to the success of the organization.

Webinars produced by Nonprofit Issues® and the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations are always full of practical information. More than 90% of those who have evaluated the programs have said they learned things that they will be able to use in their work in the next six months.

Program materials include Nonprofit Issues articles and PowerPoint slides from the presentation (87page pdf file). Purchasers will receive an e-mail receipt that includes a link that will take them to the product download.

We suggest you print the materials and review prior to opening the audio file. On the first page of the pdf there is a link to the audio portion of the program. Click that link and the audio file and PowerPoint files will open.

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