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Recorded Webinar - Dispelling the Overhead Myth

Recorded Webinar - Dispelling the Overhead Myth

Presented by Don Kramer and Eric Fraint

Recorded July 10, 2013
GuideStar, along with “charity watchdogs” Charity Navigator and BBB Wise Giving Alliance, have started an effort called "End the Overhead Myth" to “correct a misconception” about what matters in deciding to support a charity and have launched a new debate on the topic.  The traditional way of measuring “overhead” is not really the way charities should be measured, they are arguing, and overlooks critical issues of performance, investment, and results.

Eric Fraint, President and Founder of Your Part-Time Controller, LLC, discusses the issues of attempting to rate nonprofit performance using standard publicly available accounting information.  With focus on what the charity watchdogs are watching, the problems with what they are watching, how they are rating organizations, and what operating charities can do to improve their ratings. 

You will receive a checklist of steps that organizations can take to improve their rating agency scores. 

Donors look at these reports.  Learn how you can improve your appearance if donors look there for you.

You can read more of Eric Fraint’s writing on this and other nonprofit financial management topics at, and by following Eric on Twitter @EricYPTC. 

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