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Recorded Webinar: Fundraising events, auctions, sponsorships and acknowledgements

Recorded Webinar: Fundraising events, auctions, sponsorships and acknowledgements

Presented by Don Kramer

Recorded August 23, 2017

Offered in Partnership with PANO - Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations Charities raising funds through special events or other activities that involve sponsorships, auctions, lotteries, or thank-you gifts must deal with a variety technical legal requirements in advertising, calculating, and acknowledging the money. This webinar reviews those rules so that charities can comply with the interlocking requirements.

It covers:

  • charitable solicitation registration
  • substantiation and “quid pro quo” acknowledgments
  • sponsorship rules distinguishing contributions from advertising
  • unrelated business income tax possibilities
  • charity auctions and their special rules for valuing contributions
  • lotteries and sweepstakes in-kind contributions
  • Form 990 reporting and more

For a comprehensive list of special concerns for your next fundraising effort, join us for an in-depth look at the rules that affect your work. Some of them may surprise you. Purchasers will receive an e-mail receipt that includes a link that will take them to the product download. The download is a pdf file (55 pages). We suggest you print the materials and review prior to opening the audio file. On the first page of the pdf there is a link to the audio portion of the program. Click that link and the audio file and PowerPoint files will open. PowerPoint slides are also part of the 55 page pdf file.

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