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Recorded Webinar - Gift Acceptance Policies That Work

Recorded Webinar - Gift Acceptance Policies That Work

Clear gift acceptance policies can protect a charity from accepting a gift that will cost the charity far more than it is worth, and from personally insulting a potential donor whose collection of beer bottle caps you don't really want. This webinar will explore the outlines of a good gift acceptance policy and the considerations that should go into creating one for your organization.

If a donor wants to give you something other than cash or publicly traded securities, how should your charity react? Good gift acceptance policies will provide guidelines for handling the unusual gift, such as real estate, S corporation stock, and personal property, including collections. They can provide guidelines on the donor-restrictions that you will not accept. They can also give guidelines on whose gift you want to accept, especially when the donor wants naming rights for a new building or program. Do you really want a gift from a reputed mob boss?

We will also deal with gifts from a donor's family foundation, donor advised fund or IRA.  What should you be considering in connection with those gifts?

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