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Recorded Webinar - Lobbying and Electioneering for Nonprofits

Recorded Webinar - Lobbying and Electioneering for Nonprofits

This program was recorded on August 12, 2020

Do’s and Don’ts
In An Election Year Like No Other

This year is an election year like no other!  A Presidential election with more than the usual passions on both sides.  An international pandemic killing thousands of Americans every week.  An economic shutdown with millions of people out of work and many businesses closed or crippled.  A social justice movement demanding unprecedented changes in our society.  It has a fervor on issues unlike any year in current memory.

What is a nonprofit to do?  What can a nonprofit do?

This webinar will review the do’s and don’ts of lobbying and electioneering for nonprofits, with particular emphasis on the prohibition on electioneering and the limitation on lobbying by 501(c)(3) charities, but covering the less stringent limitations on other types of nonprofits as well. 

Nonprofit Issues® editor Don Kramer will discuss how charities can lose their tax-exempt status if they participate in political campaigns at any level of government.  He will also discuss how charities can advocate on public policy issues, and can lobby on specific legislative proposals.  He will help charities understand the federal definition of lobbying so they can determine what and how much they can do.  He will contrast the limits on charities with the greater, but not unlimited, freedom for other nonprofits and will argue that if a nonprofit isn’t engaged in lobbying, it probably isn’t doing its job. 

The webinar will also report on lobbying registration statutes applicable to all nonprofits and will discuss political campaign contribution limits applicable to organizations and individuals in the nonprofit field.

If your organization, your clients, or your issues are affected by public policy, you will want to participate in this webinar. We will provide background materials to elaborate on the discussion. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during and after the presentation.

Tish Mogan, Standards for Excellence Director of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, will facilitate the program.

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