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Recorded Webinar: Nonprofit Law: Year in Review Webinar

Recorded Webinar: Nonprofit Law: Year in Review Webinar

As nonprofits begin to get back to more "normal” modes of operations, from changes in governance to changes in legal requirements, it has been a tumultuous year for nonprofit legal issues. Join Nonprofit Issues® editor Don Kramer for his annual review of the year in nonprofit law.

Here are some of the topics Don will discuss:

  • New concerns about governance.
  • Funding reaction to COVID.
  • A changed attitude toward nonprofits in Congress.
  • Donor Advised Funds, where courts continue to uphold rights of sponsors while critics propose significant new legislation to speed up distributions to operating charities.
  • Charitable solicitation law, where Schedule B can no longer be required for registration and California begins the process of regulating “Fundraising Platforms.”
  • The status of organizations under siege, like the National Rifle Association and the Boy Scouts of America.
  • The role of a “Corporation Sole” in the nonprofit world.
  • An expansion of the “ministerial exception” in employment law.
  • The definition of a “disqualified person” in an excess benefit case.
  • A limitation on a waiver and release for a charity bike ride.
  • Cases in which the structure of the organization did not properly answer the question of Whose Organization Is It?
  • Continued issues of standing to sue a nonprofit.
  • The inability of a Pennsylvania city to impose a business privilege tax on nonprofits.
  • The continued expansion of nonprofit journalism. And much more.

Tish Mogan, Standards for Excellence Director for the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, will be the program facilitator. 

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