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Recorded Webinar: Nonprofit Policies for Donor, Partner and Advocate Confidence

Recorded Webinar: Nonprofit Policies for Donor, Partner and Advocate Confidence

This program was recorded on July 17, 2018. 

How do you gain the confidence of the people you work within the nonprofit world?

Following clear, straightforward policies in working with donors, collaborators, employees and public officials can be immensely helpful.  This webinar will take a close look at five more key policies to help.

Gift Acceptance Policies help organizations decide in advance what types of gifts they will and will not accept, what they have the capacity to handle and what they don’t, and how they can decide borderline questions.  They can diffuse the disappointment of the donor who wants to give the extensive beer bottle collection of no use to your organization.  They can smooth the process of landing appropriate gifts for the organization.

Donor Privacy Policies help assure donors that their identities won’t be disclosed if they don’t want the publicity and that their contact information will not be shared with others.

A Strategic Partnership and Joint Venture Policy can help the organization think through in advance the type of entities with whom they will partner, critical issues in collaboration, cut short unproductive conversations, ensure there is a due diligence process in place and increase the likelihood of success in working with others on a specific project.

Social Media Policies are critical in the era of social media activism.  What may employees say on behalf of the organization?  What may they say on their own time?  How may they identify themselves? What speech is legally protected?  What is grounds for termination? 

A Policy on Public Policy may sound a little strange.  But how does a nonprofit develop its positions on public policy advocacy?  How does it assure that it is actually representing its members or constituents?  How does it assure that it is speaking with one voice when taking a position?

All of these issues – and more – will be discussed in this webinar, utilizing template policies from the Standards for Excellence® program and elsewhere to illustrate some dos and don’ts in deciding what is right for your organization.

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This program is presented in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO).

This program is approved to provide continuing legal and continuing professional education credits for lawyers and accountants in Pennsylvania.

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