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Recorded Webinar - Strategies to Resume and Thrive

Recorded Webinar - Strategies to Resume and Thrive

This program was recorded on June 17, 2020

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused many nonprofits to shutter programs, send staff home, lay off personnel, and redeploy resources in the face of the Covid-19 threat.  No organization was immune from having to make quick decisions, some affecting their very survival.

As the nation attempts to get back closer to “normal,” nonprofit leaders are asking new questions about resumption and resilience.  Perhaps no one in the country has thought more about nonprofit risks than Melanie Herman, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center.  She has prepared a list of the top 10 strategies to follow in restoring and revitalizing your nonprofit organization, not only for the immediate future, but for the long-term ability to pursue your mission.  Join us for an illuminating discussion of these strategies and ask directly how to better position your organization to thrive in the new normal.

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