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Recorded Webinar: Transgender Questions for Nonprofits

Recorded Webinar: Transgender Questions for Nonprofits

By Karen Ibach & Don Kramer

Recorded June 22, 2016

Caitlyn Jenner may be one of the most famous transgender individuals in the United States, but she is not alone. With an estimate of 700,000 transgender people in the nation, the issues involving their employment, access to facilities, healthcare, education, and discrimination are increasingly in the forefront of the news. Are you ready to deal with these issues at your nonprofit?

The patchwork of federal, state, and local laws, rules and regulations do not provide definitive guidance for all situations.

This webinar will discuss this patchwork of regulation and the issues that arise where there are no rules. From dealing with bathroom issues to participation in sports, the webinar will discuss not only legal requirements - and possible religious exemption -- but practical issues of integrating the transgender individual into the program. By what name do you call them? What bunk do they sleep in at summer camp? How do you get the kids - and their parents -- to deal with the fourth grade boy who presents as a girl? What happens when teacher Mr. Jones becomes teacher Ms. Jones over the summer?  What accommodation do you make for a person in transition?

You can listen to the program at your convenience.

The discussion was led by Karen Ibach, a partner in the Philadelphia law firm of Montgomery McCracken, who is a member of its higher education group and government compliance group.  Nonprofit Issues® editor Don Kramer, and PANO Standards for Excellence Director Tish Mogan also participated.

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