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Stewardship is More Than Communication

Stewardship is More Than Communication

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm EDT

Obtaining a commitment for a charitable contribution is only the first step in a charity's obligation for stewardship of its gifts. Stewardship requires good communication with donors - and a whole lot more. There are both public relations issues and legal requirements.

This webinar will cover a wide range of topics, from desired and required acknowledgments through disposition of gifted property. It will stress the value of gift agreements to reduce the likelihood of misunderstanding and blaze a pathway to true understanding with the donors. Through a review of sample gift agreements it will discuss the key provisions to protect both the donor and the charity, particularly where the gift is given for restricted purposes for endowment or for a special project. The discussion will include proper recognition, naming rights, advisory rights, variance powers, a "morals clause" and enforcement provisions.

We will discuss administration of charitable gift annuities and charitable trusts, making investment and spending policy decisions under the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act, rights of donors and their families to sue, and maintaining relationships with the state Attorney General.

With charities coming up on the busiest season of the year for charitable giving, you won't want to miss this opportunity to develop a check-list to protect the charity and improve its relations with donors.

Nonprofit Issues® editor Don Kramer will be joined as co-presenter by Lise Twiford, a fundraiser with more than 30 years of experience who is now Director of Development at Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia.

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Nonprofit Issues® editor Don Kramer will be the presenter. Tish Mogan, Standards for Excellence Director of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations, will facilitate the program.

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