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Susan Black

Help! They Want Me to Fundraise! A Nonprofit Fundraising Manual for Beginners is for anyone new to fundraising. Perhaps you serve as a board member or other volunteer of a nonprofit that needs to raise money. Or maybe you’re employed as the new development director or even as the executive director. It’s even possible that you worked with another organization in the past that raised money but you weren’t the one in charge. Now someone has asked you to step up to the plate and you’re not sure what this is going to require—or even if your organization is ready.

Price: $29.95

In Major Gift Fundraising for Small Shops: How to Leverage Your Annual Fund in Only Five Hours per Week, Amy Eisenstein guides you, in only five hours a week, to safely and surely meet the challenges of getting your organization ready for major gift fundraising, all the way up to that all-important ask—and beyond.

Price: $29.95
Jean Block

A fun, upbeat, and down-to-earth manual that walks you through the process of clarifying the roles of the board and staff.

Price: $29.95
Reid Zimmerman

Reid Zimmerman shows how to address each of the errant leadership practices and management tactics revealed by the utterance of the seven deadly sayings. He expertly shows you how to prevent these oft-fatal mistakes and how to lessen the negative impact to your organization when they occur.

Price: $34.95
Ronald W. Clement

Clearly explains the mainly self-imposed limitations, and enumerates the many pluses, of open and candid communication with grant seekers as key to the process.

Price: $10.00
By the Nonprofit Risk Management Center

This publication provides a practical framework through which nonprofit CEOs, boards, and others engaged in fundraising can address the risks and pursue fundraising responsibly.

Price: $15.00
By the Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Recruiting and managing the spectrum of volunteers who bring your nonprofit’s mission to life is no easy task. Safeguarding volunteers, service recipients and the organization requires a sophisticated blend of risk taking, risk awareness and risk management.

Price: $25.00


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