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Question of the Week

May 11-18, 2021
A member of our nonprofit corporation has requested that her motion be included in the annual meeting proxy. Members are allowed to raise motions at the annual meeting if they are present in person as part of the new business part of the agenda. Members may also vote by proxy. 50 members are required to join in a call for a special meeting.  May a single member submit a question for consideration in the annual meeting proxy, which typically only includes voting on directors and sometimes bylaw amendments recommended by the board?  Answer

Employment Law


A former employee of a nonprofit family healthcare system has won damages of more than $2.7...Read more

NY whistleblower law creates private right of action

An employee of a foundation who complained of...

Fundraiser is not whistleblower on SEC complaint

The director of planned giving at a nonprofit...

EEOC claim jeopardized by failure to report in bankruptcy

A federal District Court in Chicago has ruled...

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Dissolutions

The year 2020 was a year like no other for nonprofits.  With a combination of COVID-19, an economic recession, and a shift in emphasis on racial justice, many nonprofits have struggled.  Many have had to consider changes in their basic structure — mergers, acquisitions, new strategic alliances, hibernation, and, in many cases, dissolution.

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Lead Stories

In a long-anticipated ruling, Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund has been found not liable... Read more
Bankruptcy Stays Suit Against Officeholder of Corporation Sole

The Bankruptcy Code provides that all pending...

Who Owns Rights to Event Photos Taken By Volunteer for Nonprofit?

The Military Sexual Trauma Movement was...

Violation of Donor Bill of Rights Insufficient to Justify Fraud Charge

Fundraisers for charity frequently cite the...

Lessons from Litigation


Artist Andy Warhol’s creation of a series of portraits of the singer Prince, based on a single...Read more

Want to know why you should control the “Foundation”?

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of...

Suspension of membership is not denial of property right

The suspension of membership rights in a...

Private nonprofit employee is “public servant”

When the defendant in a criminal case in...

Tax Matters

May 11, 2021

A nonprofit created to promote and exhibit African Art has lost its charitable tax exemption...Read more

Contractor not agent of hospital for sales tax exemption

A cleaning contractor for three charitable...

LLC with charity as sole member is not entitled to exemption

A limited liability company that has a 501(c...

City may not impose “business privilege tax” on charity

The City of Allentown, PA, may not impose a “...

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