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Question of the Week

June 6-13, 2023
May a for-profit business form a nonprofit (with the for-profit initially funding it and allowing employees to make additional charitable contributions) to assist employees of the for-profit facing personal emergencies and catastrophic illnesses? If ok, would the nonprofit need an independent Board of Directors to select recipients of the largesse? Answer

Employment Law

June 6, 2023

A former executive of a Washington, D.C. private foundation has been permitted to pursue claims...Read more

Takeover nonprofit did not discriminate against pregnant employee

A nonprofit behavioral health organization...

Volunteer director of nonprofit not covered by Title VII

A volunteer director of a nonprofit homeowner...

Does “most qualified” hiring process violate ADA?

Does a “most qualified applicant” hiring...

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special_offer_tag.jpgMergers, Acquisitions and Dissolutions

As nonprofits emerge from the Covid era, many are wondering what path forward provides the best possibility of continuing and improving their ability to fulfill their mission.  They have struggled with their finances.  They have lost staff.  The external world has changed.  For many executives and their boards, burnout is real.  And yet, the need for their work continues, and is often growing.

The return to relative normalcy provides an opportunity for nonprofits to consider whether they should emerge from the relative silo of their operations and expand their collaborations, perhaps even to the point of an actual merger with a complimentary organization.  Thinking about it can be an intimidating prospect, but may be necessary if the organizations want to continue and thrive.

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Lead Stories

May 22, 2023
The Tax Court has declined to take the opportunity to decide whether a “substantial” non-... Read more

Lessons from Litigation

May 9, 2023

What happens when the trustee of a charitable remainder unitrust learns after the death of the...Read more

Disaffiliated chapter need not share bequests with parent

A disaffiliated Los Angeles chapter of the...

Plaintiffs lack standing to contest scholarship program

A group of parents, donors, and students...

Deposed director wins right to continue suit

After nearly five years of dissent and...

Tax Matters

May 16, 2023

A single member limited liability company without the standard language that must be included...Read more

Church program for vets exempt from tax

A church building providing services for...

What activity is charitable?

The Internal Revenue Service has recently...

Tenant cannot dispute tax without appeal

A tenant who opposes the imposition of real...

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Insurance Issues for Nonprofits
Wednesday July 12, 2023
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