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Question of the Week

December 11-18, 2018
I am a part of a business with two other people who are husband and wife. Unfortunately, they are about to get a divorce. I am wondering if the state will consider the nonprofit softball league that we run as marital property to be divided in the divorce?  Is there anything I can do about it? I don’t want to be put in the middle of something I’m not prepared for.   Answer

Employment Law


The dean of a Christian seminary has been permitted to proceed with a breach of contract claim...Read more

Communications manager and bookkeeper are “employees”

An appellate court in New York has affirmed a...

Does whistleblower policy protect whistleblower?

Columbia University published its...

Volunteers at church restaurant not under FLSA

Unpaid members of a church who volunteer to...

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Now through December 31st, you can purchase our recorded webinar Understanding Foundations, DAFs And Other Forms of Philanthropy for 50% off its regular price of $89. New subscribers can also start a FREE three-month trial subscription (an additional $17.95 value).

If you are a donor, a grant-seeker, a philanthropic manager, or a professional adviser to any of them, you need to know the rules that distinguish various philanthropic structures.

This webinar will focus on private foundations and their special requirements, but will compare private foundations with donor advised funds, supporting organizations, and other forms of charitable activity.

With private foundations, we will focus on the 2% excise tax on investment income, self-dealing (compared to excess benefits), the minimum distribution requirement, excess business holdings, jeopardy investments and socially responsible investments, and taxable expenditures, including the limitations on lobbying.  We will explain why many “conversion foundations” formed from the sale of charitable hospitals elected to become community foundations to avoid the limitations on lobbying.

Originally recorded on May 16, 2018. Learn more about the program

Lead Stories

November 19, 2018

An appellate court in Louisiana has affirmed dismissal of a suit by parishioners of a merged...

Charity Bike Ride Uninsured When Participant Is Injured

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit running long-distance...

Museum “Members” Can’t Stop Sale of Artworks

Dues-paying “members” of the Berkshire Museum...

Lessons from Litigation

December 10, 2018

A trial court judge in New York City has rejected a motion to dismiss the Attorney General’s...Read more

Court removes trustees of supporting organization

A federal District Court in Wisconsin has...

Church dispute not a federal case

Congregants of a church near the Pennsylvania...

Directors’ self-dealing benefit not discharged in bankruptcy

The president and a director of the Network...

Tax Matters


The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed a Tax Court decision holding that a 501(c)(7)...Read more

Illinois Supreme Court upholds tax statute

The Illinois Supreme Court has upheld a...

Illinois Supreme Court upholds tax statute

The Illinois Supreme Court has upheld a...

“Personal tax shelter” fails in Tax Court

A retired grandmother who is “fond of...

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January 15, 2019
1:30-3:00 ET

Nonprofit Financial Statements Under the New Accounting Standards and Tax Act

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