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Question of the Week

April 16-23, 2024
Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit is involved with marine research. We are planning to form a Limited Liability Company to purchase a research boat so we have some liability protection. Can we transfer funds from the nonprofit to the LLC to then purchase the boat? Answer

Ready Reference

Employment Law

April 16, 2024

Receipt of section 501(c)(3) recognition of charitable exempt status from the Internal Revenue...Read more

Tax compliance officer fired for non-compliance

An IRS tax compliance officer has been fired...

Workers’ comp is exclusive remedy for injured employee

The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Act...

Hospital HR Chief loses whistleblower, retaliation claims

The chief human relations officer at a...

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special_offer_tag.jpgConducting Internal Investigations

Investigations 101
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Lead Stories

April 9, 2024
The state of Utah has recently, and without fanfare, passed a statute (H.B.43) that repeals the... Read more
Court Affirms Trial Court Decision Denying Termination of Charitable Trust

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has affirmed a...

Student, Faculty and Donor Lists Are Not Trade Secrets

When the executive director of the Bronx...

Lessons from Litigation

April 9, 2024

A former member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity at Chicago State University has lost a claim...Read more

Worshipper can’t stop sale of religious building

When the governing body of The Islamic...

Foundation not entitled to attorneys’ fees

A private foundation in Pittsburgh that...

Trustee loses expenses for improper distributions

The trustee of a charitable trust has lost a...

Tax Matters

March 12, 2024

The Buckeye Institute case seeking to rid charities of the obligation to complete Schedule B...Read more

IRS issues new technical guide on (c)(8) and (c)(10)

The IRS has recently issued another new...

IRS issues Technical Guide on UBIT

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a new...

IRS will rule on new exempt classification

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a new...

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Workplace Violence/Conflict De-Escalation
Wednesday, March 20
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