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Question of the Week

October 3-10, 2023
I became the new president at a nonprofit corporation about six months ago. I was recently informed that a few of the board members had a secret meeting and are planning to vote me out of office. I was not informed of the reason for the meeting. What can I do to prevent being voted out of office? Answer

Employment Law

July 25, 2023

A Black woman employee fails to state an actionable claim for a hostile work environment...Read more

Former exec may pursue breach of non-disparagement agreement

A former executive of a Washington, D.C....

Takeover nonprofit did not discriminate against pregnant employee

A nonprofit behavioral health organization...

Volunteer director of nonprofit not covered by Title VII

A volunteer director of a nonprofit homeowner...

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October Webinar Sale - 50% Off

special_offer_tag.jpgCreating and Operating Nonprofit Affiliates

Can you do everything you want with your current nonprofit organization?

Can you offer deductibility for charitable contributions?

Can you attract private foundation grants?

Can you lobby extensively for your cause?

Can you support or oppose candidates for elective office?

Can you have unlimited investment income without jeopardizing your tax status?

Can you obtain exemption from local property taxes?

Can you avoid identifying your major donors to the IRS?

You can’t do all of these things with a single nonprofit organization.  To do what you want, you may need to form and operate one or more affiliated nonprofits, with different tax status that offers different possibilities.

This webinar will discuss the legal differences between 501(c)(3) public charities (and private foundations), 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, and 501(c)(6) trade associations.  It will discuss some traditional reasons — and some new reasons — why you may want to create another entity to do what you can’t do now, whatever your current tax status.

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Lead Stories

October 3, 2023
In an unusual case involving the donation of charitable contributions to a church, a divided 9th... Read more

Lessons from Litigation

July 18, 2023

A nonprofit senior center that provides social events for its members has no obligation to...Read more

(c)(3) with over 500 employees not entitled to EAJA fees

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit with more than 500...

Statute of limitations dooms claim for board seat

The statute of limitations has doomed a claim...

Tax Matters

September 26, 2023

The Internal Revenue Service has more than tripled the collection of taxes on private college...Read more

Court affirms $8.46 million tax penalty

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has...

IRS says NIL collectives are probably not exempt

The Internal Revenue System has issued a...

LLC without charity language denied exemption

A single member limited liability company...

November 2023 Webinar

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