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Question of the Week

January 26-February 2, 2021
If someone wanted to donate to a charity but was afraid of being persecuted for it (perhaps losing their job) if it were to become known, how might they keep it confidential?  Are charities required to disclose their donors? If not, is it typical for them to do so? If someone donates as “anonymous,” can the donor's identity become known to the public -- perhaps via credit card record or other means? Answer

Employment Law

January 19, 2021

The director of planned giving at a nonprofit school of engineering who files a complaint with...Read more

EEOC claim jeopardized by failure to report in bankruptcy

A federal District Court in Chicago has ruled...

Gates Foundation breached at will employment contract

An appellate court in Washington has held...

Claim of policy violation does not protect whistleblower

An employee of a nonprofit pharmacy is not...

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special_offer_tag.jpgLobbying and Electioneering for Nonprofits

It was an election year like no other! A Presidential election with more than the usual passions on both sides. An international pandemic killing thousands of Americans every week. An economic shutdown with millions of people out of work and many businesses closed or crippled. A social justice movement demanding unprecedented changes in our society.  It has a fervor on issues unlike any year in current memory.

What is a nonprofit to do? What can a nonprofit do?

This webinar will review the do’s and don’ts of lobbying and electioneering for nonprofits, with particular emphasis on the prohibition on electioneering and the limitation on lobbying by 501(c)(3) charities, but covering the less stringent limitations on other types of nonprofits as well. 

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Lead Stories

The Military Sexual Trauma Movement was formed in 2018 as a 501(c)(4) organization to help... Read more

Lessons from Litigation

January 26, 2021

When the defendant in a criminal case in Colorado wanted to get rid of a GPS ankle monitoring...Read more

Church board may remove pastor

The board of trustees of an Independent...

Must children of settlors of charitable trust be trustees?

Children of the settlors of a charitable...

Parents can’t sue religious school over students’ dismissal

A trial court in Texas has no jurisdiction to...

Tax Matters

January 19, 2021

Real estate owned by Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a member of the Pennsylvania System of...Read more

Deductions reduced for historic façade easements

The Tax Court has significantly reduced the...

Founder of nonprofit can’t claim losses from “S” corporation

The founder of a nonprofit corporation may...

Library cannot get federal injunction against tax sale

A nonprofit library in Maine has been unable...

February 2021 Webinar

Bylaws: The "Constitution" of Nonprofits - The Art and Science of Making Them Work
February 16, 2021
1:30-3:00 PM ET

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