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Question of the Week

July 23-30, 2024
I started my 501(c)(3) charity to make documentary films and expanded the purpose to include funding social action programs highlighted in our documentaries.  Several years ago we started mining BITCOIN, and we made a profit. We stopped mining after a year but continued to trade and buy cryptocurrencies. Now we have the money to fund our documentaries and social programs. What are the unrelated business income tax consequences? We are not competing with other businesses or taking jobs from the private sector. Answer

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Employment Law

July 16, 2024

An age discrimination claim against a Catholic health clinic under the Missouri Human Rights...Read more

Black paraprofessional may sue school for discrimination

A black paraprofessional may proceed with a...

Employee may pursue whistleblower suit

An employee of the Zionist Organization of...

501(c)(3) status does not create jurisdiction for Title IX

Receipt of section 501(c)(3) recognition of...

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Lead Stories

July 9, 2024
A nonprofit corporation’s bylaw provision for indemnification does not cover reimbursement of a... Read more
Trustee May Close Account To Prevent Charitable Gift

What happens under the following statement of...

Lessons from Litigation

July 22, 2024

When Mindy Lee was terminated as a volunteer for the Animal Aid clinic in Florida, she...Read more

Attorneys for trustees have no conflict preventing claim against trust

Attorneys who represented trustees who had...

Founder, directors of school may be sued by bankruptcy trustee

The founder and several other members of the...

Delaware AG may protect Delaware residents in Florida trust case

Alfred I. DuPont, an American industrialist,...

Tax Matters

July 16, 2024

Total revenue received by private foundations rose nearly 22% between 2019 and 2020 while the...Read more

Drug church denied charitable exemption

A church whose members’ sincerely-held...

IRS collects list of technical guides

The Internal Revenue Service has collected in...

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