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Question of the Week

January 21-28, 2020
My father passed 6 years ago and the church he ran went dormant. My sister has convinced my mother to now take the money, approximately $56,000, that was in the church checking account, close the account, and pay off personal bills. Is this legal? It sounds like she is trying to pay off her house before she passes so she can give the house to my sister. Answer

Employment Law

January 21, 2020

How does the federal Volunteer Protection Act relate to a state law claim for unpaid wages? ...Read more

Employee denied workers’ comp for injury at “Fun Day”

A woman working as a cook for a nonprofit...

Senior center aide not covered by FLSA

A maintenance worker employed by a nonprofit...

Who pays worker’s comp for Rabbi’s housekeeper?

Lilia Orellana worked as an “off the books”...

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Lead Stories

January 21, 2020

The head of a private family foundation has been convicted of failing to pay federal income tax...

Lessons from Litigation

January 6, 2020

Who decides whether a member of a nonprofit membership corporation has violated the association...Read more

“Donor” can’t challenge misuse of endowment under UPMIFA

A lawyer who arranged the transfer of...

Member of public can’t review corporate records

A member of the general public has been...

No recusal because defendant and judge aided same charity

A magistrate judge in Indiana has refused to...

Tax Matters

January 21, 2020

A “friends of the library” in Oregon is a charitable organization, but its bookstore is not...Read more

Congress moves to repeal “parking tax”

Congress has moved to repeal the unpopular “...

City can’t impose business tax on parent of health system

The City of Allentown, PA, cannot impose a...

Outpatient surgical center denied real estate tax exemption

An outpatient surgical center owed and...

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