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Question of the Week

September 17-24, 2019
Our nonprofit dog club missed the fact that we are required to give 30 days notice of our general meeting of members. We gave only 27 days notice. What should we do?  Answer

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Employment Law


Employees required to sleep overnight in their employer’s group homes for persons with...Read more

Organization lacks standing on discrimination claim

A nonprofit lacks standing to sue the...

Jesuits can’t recover retirement benefits of deceased priest

Despite his vow of poverty and commitment to...

No age discrimination against worker about to retire

The Court of Appeals of Minnesota has...

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Lead Stories


A federal District Court in Montana has put at least a temporary hold on the Internal Revenue...

Lessons from Litigation

September 10, 2019

A scholarship foundation caught in the middle of a multi-year squabble between its trustees...Read more

Associations lack standing to sue Harvard Law Review

The Faculty, Alumni and Students Opposed to...

When may corporate counsel not represent corporation?

When the corporation is the nominal plaintiff...

Initial board has power to act even without annual meetings

The initial board of directors of a nonprofit...

Tax Matters

September 3, 2019

An outpatient surgical center owed and operated by a charitable hospital has been denied real...Read more

Court rejects IRS definition of “educational institution”

A federal District Court in Minnesota has...

Cost to repair crucifix not deductible by evangelist

A self-proclaimed religious evangelist may...

Appeals Court affirms denial of $33 million gift deduction

The District of Columbia Circuit Court of...

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