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Question of the Week

February 18-25, 2020
I am wondering if my donation to my friend's kid’s 501(c)(3) baseball team is deductible if I pay her thru a mobile app? She has posted on Facebook raffle tickets that I can buy for $10 a ticket — obviously to raise money for her son's team. I want to help. I want to buy tickets from her, but I'm not sure that if I send her the money it will be considered a donation from me to the team. Usually I write a check to the team and she would give it to the organization. How does this work in the electronic age?   Answer

Ready Reference

Employment Law

January 21, 2020

How does the federal Volunteer Protection Act relate to a state law claim for unpaid wages? ...Read more

Employee denied workers’ comp for injury at “Fun Day”

A woman working as a cook for a nonprofit...

Senior center aide not covered by FLSA

A maintenance worker employed by a nonprofit...

Who pays worker’s comp for Rabbi’s housekeeper?

Lilia Orellana worked as an “off the books”...

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Lead Stories

February 18, 2020

More than ten years after Ruston Louisiana Hospital Company, LLC purchased substantially all of...

Lessons from Litigation

February 10, 2020

Old White Charities, which operates the Greenbrier Classic golf tournament on the Professional...Read more

Residuary beneficiary of trust may sue for losses

A private family foundation has been allowed...

Who decides whether association member complied with rules?

Who decides whether a member of a nonprofit...

“Donor” can’t challenge misuse of endowment under UPMIFA

A lawyer who arranged the transfer of...

Tax Matters

February 18, 2020

A federal District Court in the District of Columbia has dismissed a case challenging the...Read more

Donor Advised Funds continue to grow

The total number of donor advised funds and...

Friends of Library bookstore denied exemption from real estate tax

A “friends of the library” in Oregon is a...

Congress moves to repeal “parking tax”

Congress has moved to repeal the unpopular “...

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