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Should officer use personal credit card for (c)(3) purchases?


An officer of a nonprofit uses his personal credit card to pay the organization’s bills, and then submits a voucher to be reimbursed so he can earn a 2% credit for goods purchased and keep it for his personal use. Should the officer be doing this on a regular basis?


What do we tell winners of lottery or auction?


If our 501(c)(3) nonprofit has a raffle and the prize is worth more than $600, do we have to advise winner and tell the IRS of the winnings?  If we offered the same items through an auction format, and the value of each item was less, would there be an obligation to advise the highest bidder of any tax burden. We are currently raffling sports tickets that have a value of either just under or just over $600.


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Question of the Week

December 12-19, 2017
Our 501(c)(3) animal shelter has a patron who wants to donate a piece of art to us. It is an original oil painting of the first pit bull we ever saved.  The donor bought it for $3500 (he has the receipt). He is down-sizing because his wife, who had pressured him to purchase it, has died. He wants $3,500, which we, of course, cannot afford, but is willing to gift it to us. He says he needs something from us showing he can deduct it on his taxes.  We could use it for our annual fundraising auction. Can you advise me? Answer

Employment Law

November 28, 2017

Nurses working a 37.5 hour work-week may pursue claims for unpaid work of more than 40 hours a...Read more

No termination for refusing to sign confidentiality statement

An employer may not fire an employee who...

FMLA retaliation claim requires only some motivation by employer

A employee claiming that she was fired in...

Employee may proceed with FMLA retaliation, ADA claims

An employee of a nonprofit continuing care...







Lead Stories

November 14, 2017

The Senate Tax Bill being considered simultaneously with the House Tax Bill in the Republicans...

House Tax Bill Would Significantly Affect Charities

The “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” (...

Club Can’t Compel Arbitration Based on Notice on Back of Renewal Form

An appellate court in California has affirmed...

Lessons from Litigation

December 12, 2017

The board of directors of a nonprofit sportsmen’s club has inherent power to suspend an...Read more

Membership nonprofit lacks associational standing

A nonprofit membership organization including...

Candidate can’t overturn election without showing damages

A candidate for director of the nonprofit...

Volunteer coach may be sued for death after concussion

A volunteer coach of a high school football...

Tax Matters

November 29, 2017

The Tax Court has held that a filed deed conveying an historic and conservation easement to a...Read more

Parent-child centers qualify for tax exemption

The City of Rutland, VT, has lost its...

Donors denied deduction for $145,000 in clothing and furniture

The donors claimed $145,250 in charitable...

Ping pong club not exempt from real estate tax

A 501(c)(3) ping pong club is not exempt from...

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