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Question of the Week

August 16-23, 2022
What happens to the assets of a nonprofit when all board members are deceased? There is a piece of property that is leased to another nonprofit on a lease that has about 10 years left to run. Can the tenant do anything to buy or take over the property since they have occupied it and maintained it? What process would they need to go through to get the legal rights to the property? Answer

Employment Law

July 19, 2022

When the finance officer of the Catholic Diocese of Jackson, MS, who had been appointed for a...Read more

Court says “not so fast” on claim of ministerial exemption

Although the U.S. Supreme Court has expanded...

Nonprofit defeats retaliation claim on summary judgment

A assistant to the chief financial officer of...

Woman awarded treble damages in equal pay suit

A federal district court in Maine has ordered...

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Socially Responsible Investing and Crypto: Two Critical Issues for Nonprofits

Today’s donors are increasingly interested in assuring that their charitable giving will support their chosen organization’s mission and have greater social impact.  Many are considering gifts of crypto currencies to share their huge appreciation in value.  Younger donors are asking whether and how Environmental, Social, Governance (”ESG”) principles are included in a charity’s stewardship.  Young tech-savvy and frequently very wealthy potential donors with large portfolios of cryptocurrencies may be the fastest growing demographic for charitable giving.  Relatively few charities are prepared to deal with them.

How should charities respond?  This webinar explores key issues with both topics.  It will discuss the basics and offer ways that charities can – and should – respond to their donors and increase their donors’ involvement.

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Lead Stories

August 9, 2022
In 1850 noted Harvard University professor Louis Agassiz arranged to have four daguerreotypes made... Read more
Court Denies Deduction for DAF Gift For Lack of Adequate Acknowledgement

A federal District Court in Texas has upheld...

Is Federal Sentence Enhanced For Exec’s Theft from Charity?

Should the federal criminal sentencing...

NRA Loses Counterclaims Against NY Attorney General

The trial court that recently ruled that the...

Lessons from Litigation

July 26, 2022

When People’s United Bank in New York City closed the accounts of a Black Muslim Senegalese-...Read more

Court may tell church to hold new election

A trial court in Michigan may tell an...

Nonprofit has standing but loses claims

The American Italian Women for Greater New...

Unsuccessful grant applicant cannot oust grantmaker

An unsuccessful applicant of a grant cannot...

Tax Matters

Augut 16, 2022

The Internal Revenue Service has advised filers of the 990-N electronic postcard of continued...Read more

Court affirms denial of sales tax exemption

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, in a...

Gifts directly to homeless students not deductible

A taxpayer who claimed a variety of...

How much does it cost to go to Supreme Court?

How much does it cost in legal fees and costs...

October 2022 Webinar

State Charitable Solicitation Statutes: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask
Wednesday, October 19, 2022
1:30-3:00 PM ET



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