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Question of the Week

November 12-19, 2019
I represent a 501(c)(3) organization that has been in business for more than 80 years. Can a member of the public request copies of our Form 990s for all 80 years? Is there a limit?  Answer

Employment Law

November 11, 2019

Lilia Orellana worked as an “off the books” housekeeper for Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky and his...Read more

Red Cross volunteer not entitled to workers’ comp

A volunteer “community ambassador” for the...

Bar Association not an “employer” under ADA

A claim against the Hispanic National Bar...

Employees may collect overtime for sleeping on the job

Employees required to sleep overnight in...

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special_offer_tag.jpg5 Critical Policies for Nonprofits

Understanding the contents of policies - their opportunities and risks - can make your organization more effective. The Form 990 tax information return requires nonprofits to report whether they have a conflict of interest policy, a whistleblower policy, and a document retention and destruction policy. Potential donors, the media, and regulators have greater confidence when an organization responds "yes" to the policy questions.

This webinar will do a deep dive into these three policies, plus a policy for setting compensation (to avoid excess benefits) and one for dealing with confidentiality of information. We will discuss the key components of each policy and study various sample policies to see how organizations can deal differently with different issues.

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Lead Stories

November 11, 2019

President Donald J. Trump has been ordered to pay $2 million in damages for improperly using...

Who Is Entitled to Bequest Left to Dissolved Church?

In December, 2010, Ruth Stumm executed her...

Who Has Authority to Increase Dues For Girl Scouts of USA?

The Supreme Court of Alaska has ruled that...

Court Refuses to Expand Scope Of Attorney-Client Privilege

An appellate court in Washington has refused...

Lessons from Litigation

November 5, 2019

A magistrate judge in Indiana has refused to recuse himself from hearing a civil suit where the...Read more

Request for membership list survives motion to dismiss

A timeshare owner’s request to copy the...

Be careful what you ask for

Brentwood War Memorial, a local post of the...

Trust to hold residue “in perpetuity” is not charitable

Ollie Waid, Jr. established a revocable...

Tax Matters

October 28, 2019

The City of Allentown, PA, cannot impose a business privilege tax on revenue received by the...Read more

Outpatient surgical center denied real estate tax exemption

An outpatient surgical center owed and...

Court rejects IRS definition of “educational institution”

A federal District Court in Minnesota has...

Cost to repair crucifix not deductible by evangelist

A self-proclaimed religious evangelist may...

December 2019 Webinar

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