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Question of the Week

October 15-22, 2019
Our nonprofit Association bylaws state that "At the conclusion of the voting process, the results will be reported to the President and Secretary, who promptly shall report the results to the Members." Our Board has never reported anything other than the winners of the election on the ground that it did not want to embarrass the losing candidates. We believe that the candidates’ feelings are irrelevant and that the Board is depriving all members of basic election information, such as total votes cast, vote counts by candidate, ballots discarded, etc.... What can we do to make the Board... read more

Ready Reference

Employment Law

September 30, 2019

A claim against the Hispanic National Bar Association for violation of the Americans with...Read more

Employees may collect overtime for sleeping on the job

Employees required to sleep overnight in...

Organization lacks standing on discrimination claim

A nonprofit lacks standing to sue the...

Jesuits can’t recover retirement benefits of deceased priest

Despite his vow of poverty and commitment to...

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Lead Stories

October 7, 2019

The Supreme Court of Alaska has ruled that only the National Council of the Girl Scouts of the...

Court Refuses to Expand Scope Of Attorney-Client Privilege

An appellate court in Washington has refused...

Federal Court Blocks IRS Effort To Suspend Requirement for Schedule B

A federal District Court in Montana has put...

Does Potential Beneficiary Have Standing To Contest Administration of Trust?

The Supreme Court of New Hampshire has denied...

Lessons from Litigation

October 7, 2019

Brentwood War Memorial, a local post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, allegedly charged a $5...Read more

Trust to hold residue “in perpetuity” is not charitable

Ollie Waid, Jr. established a revocable...

Phone solicitor’s 90-month sentence affirmed

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has...

Foundation must pay $1.7 million legal costs for trustees’ squabble

A scholarship foundation caught in the middle...

Tax Matters

September 3, 2019

An outpatient surgical center owed and operated by a charitable hospital has been denied real...Read more

Court rejects IRS definition of “educational institution”

A federal District Court in Minnesota has...

Cost to repair crucifix not deductible by evangelist

A self-proclaimed religious evangelist may...

Appeals Court affirms denial of $33 million gift deduction

The District of Columbia Circuit Court of...

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