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Question of the Week

January 31-February 7, 2023
I have been a very active and loyal member of a local chamber and have been named an Honorary Lifetime Member. I have always wanted to be on the board and told the president last year that I would like to be nominated. She told me I had to have served on a committee and be a paying member. I did that.  When the election was announced, the board choose their friends and did not follow the by-laws, which require 30 days’ notice of nominations and give a member a right to run by getting 10% of the members to sign a petition.  When I confronted the board chair, he said they were looking for... read more

Employment Law

November 15, 2022

A federal District Court in New York has granted a conditional class certification for Fair...Read more

Ecclesiastical abstention applies to defamation case

When the finance officer of the Catholic...

Court says “not so fast” on claim of ministerial exemption

Although the U.S. Supreme Court has expanded...

Nonprofit defeats retaliation claim on summary judgment

A assistant to the chief financial officer of...

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Does your charity have a “Donate Now” button on its website? Does that mean that you have to register solicit charitable contributions in all 39 states and the District of Columbia that have charitable solicitation registration requirements?

What are the regulators saying about that now? What does it mean to “solicit”? What is a “charitable contribution”? How much trouble can you get in if you don’t follow the rules?

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Lead Stories

January 16, 2023
The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 passed at the end of the last session of Congress... Read more

Lessons from Litigation

January 31, 2023

A nonprofit cooperative that operates the world’s largest fully-refrigerated wholesale produce...Read more

Anti-SLAPP statute "has failed miserably”

The California anti-SLAPP statute “has failed...

Where is the nerve center of virtual nonprofit?

When the Free Speech Foundation, doing...

Nonprofit’s case dismissed for lack of attorney

How many chances should a court give a...

Tax Matters

January 20, 2023

The IRS has issued a Memorandum from the Office of Chief Counsel that makes it more difficult...Read more

Art collector denied deduction without substantiation

A life-long collector and dealer of African...

Farmers denied deduction for transfer of crops to CRAT

A husband and wife pair of farmers has been...

School District may not challenge exemption in trial court

A school district that argued only that...

March 2023 Webinar

Form 990: Public Relations Opportunity or Trap for the Unwary
March 8, 2023
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