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Question of the Week

August 3-10, 2021
I was voted in as the treasurer of our local women's club in 2019. When I took over the books, I found many errors as well as some areas where money had gone missing, which I included in my monthly members meeting report. The president and vice-president removed my name from the authorized banking list without first getting approval from the members or the board. I called a meeting where the members voted unanimously to add my name back to the bank authorization and allow me to continue my duties as treasurer. The president said she made a mistake but she and the vice-president have refused... read more

Employment Law


A former employee of a nonprofit family healthcare system has won damages of more than $2.7...Read more

NY whistleblower law creates private right of action

An employee of a foundation who complained of...

Fundraiser is not whistleblower on SEC complaint

The director of planned giving at a nonprofit...

EEOC claim jeopardized by failure to report in bankruptcy

A federal District Court in Chicago has ruled...

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Lead Stories

August 3, 2021
An alleged hate group may be rejected from the Amazon Smiles donation to charity program, the 11th... Read more
Supreme Court Says California Cannot Require Filing of Schedule B

After nearly a decade of litigation over...

DAF Sponsor Not Liable For Damages in Liquidating Stock

In a long-anticipated ruling, Fidelity...

Lessons from Litigation

July 13, 2021

A broad release signed by a participant injured a charity bike ride accident is not effective...Read more

DAF donor lacks standing to complain about fees

A donor to a donor advised fund has no...

Museum’s use of photo is “fair use”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s use of a...

Warhol infringed photographer’s copyright

Artist Andy Warhol’s creation of a series of...

Tax Matters

July 23, 2021

A plaintiff seeking damages for defamation from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a 501(c)(3)...Read more

Senior home denied tax exemption

A Pennsylvania appellate court has affirmed...

Tax Court denies exemption to African artifact museum

A nonprofit created to promote and exhibit...

Contractor not agent of hospital for sales tax exemption

A cleaning contractor for three charitable...

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August 12, 2021
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