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Question of the Week

February 12-19, 2019
May a 501(c)(3) organization help to fund the restoration of a historic building that is owned by a person on the organization's board and stay in compliance with IRS self-dealing rules? The building restoration is consistent with the stated charitable purposes of the organization.  Answer

Employment Law

February 11, 2019

An employee’s claim under a state whistleblower protection law is not defeated because an...Read more

“Ministerial exception” does not stop ADA claim

The “ministerial exception” that protects...

Med Center did not discriminate on layoffs

An appellate court in Kentucky has affirmed a...

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Now through February 28th, you can purchase our recorded webinar Nonprofit Policies for Donor, Partner and Advocate Confidence for 50% off its regular price of $89. New subscribers can also start a FREE three-month trial subscription (an additional $17.95 value).

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Lead Stories

February 11, 2019

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has refused to join several other jurisdictions in accepting a “...

Donors May Sue Fidelity Gift Fund For Dumping Stock After Donation

A federal District Court in California has...

Parishioners of Merged Church Can’t Stop Sale of Property

An appellate court in Louisiana has affirmed...

Lessons from Litigation

February 11, 2019

A member of an Illinois nonprofit corporation has standing to sue members of the board of...Read more

May parent entity use sub’s surplus for other affiliates?

An appellate court in New York has allowed...

Individual charity director can’t force accounting of trust

An individual director of a private...

Charity execs are not fiduciaries for ERISA Plan

A federal District Court in Maryland has...

Tax Matters

February 4, 2019

The Tax Court has denied charitable contribution deductions for two conservation easements that...Read more

Ohio Court denies exemption to 501(c)(2) title holding company

The Supreme Court of Ohio has affirmed the...

Church Parish center only partially exempt

A Roman Catholic parish office building has...

Tax Court refuses to reconsider easement case

The Tax Court has refused to reconsider a...

March 2019 Webinar

IRS Form 990: Public Relations Opportunity or Trap for the Unwary?
Because most charity Form 990 tax information returns are instantly available on the Internet, they can be an organization's most important public relations document.
Wednesday, March 20
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