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Nonprofit Bylaw Review

Nonprofit Bylaw Review

Don Kramer will review and comment on your own current or proposed bylaws

Do your Bylaws reflect the way you actually operate?

Do they protect the interests of those who should be protected?

Do they spell out clearly how to deal with governance issues?

Or do they create uncertainty for those who have to implement them?

Most nonprofits don't spend a lot of time looking at their Bylaws until there is a question or a dispute.  That's when you need bylaws that are clear and unambiguous, so your questions on how to proceed are already answered. That's when bad bylaws can lead to unnecessary controversies or even costly litigation.

Nonprofit Issues editor Don Kramer will review your current or proposed Bylaws to see if they work for you.  He will provide up to an hour of telephone consultation with you and members of your Bylaw review committee.  He will provide practical comments and suggestions based on more than 45 years of experience working with nonprofits of all types and sizes, on more than 30 years of writing stories of failed bylaw cases in Nonprofit Issues, and on several decades of teaching and reviewing bylaws in his nonprofit law course. 

Don will point out inconsistencies, ambiguities, or omissions in your current documents.  He will discuss important policy considerations that can make your documents more consistent with your mission and structure. He will help you produce Bylaws that work the way you want them to work.  And he will help reduce the risk of divisive and expensive litigation.

He will also give you copies of our Ready Reference Pages on Bylaws that "annotate" key drafting issues and policy quesitions.  They provide specific drafting language in templates of complete Bylaw forms.

This will not be legal advice. The discussion is not confidential and does not create an Attorney-Client relationship between you and Don Kramer.  He won't give opinions on state nonprofit laws.  But he will distill his years of experience and respond to your specific questions in an important hour for your organization.

We can normally schedule the call within 10 days after purchase and receipt of the bylaws to be reviewed.

Nonprofit Issues® subscribers receive a 15% discount when buying this review. Non-subscribers can also get a FREE 3-month trial subscription (a $17.95 value) by clicking on the Special Subscription Offer button.

Don presents a webinar with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations every year on "Bylaws: the 'Constitution' of Nonprofits — The Art and Science of Making Them Work."  Here is what some of the participants have said about those webinars:

* Excellent, even for those who are Bylaws-savvy.
* I got what I needed to proceed with change and revisions.
* Well paced. Excellent speaker and materials.
* The sample bylaws are SO helpful.
* I have been involved in revising our bylaws for the last year. I wish I had [this webinar] a year ago!
* Exactly what I hoped, with added emphasis of keeping it simple, non-detailed and 'timeless.'

Don't wait for the next generic webinar.  Take this opportunity to get Don's specific comments on your current or proposed documents now.

Revise your Bylaws before it's too late to avoid litigation.  You'll be glad you did.

Note: This offer does not apply to present or former clients of Montgomery, McCracken.

Questions? Feel free to call or email.

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