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Large Nonprofit Boards at "Eds" and "Meds" Should Increase Their Gender Diversity

Large Nonprofit Boards at "Eds" and "Meds" Should Increase Their Gender Diversity

Women face additional barriers to those they face on for-profit boards: stakeholder should push for use of proven strategies

Increasing board diversity is as imperative for nonprofit organizations as it is for for-profit corporations. The biggest for-profits have faced pressures to diversify their boards from major shareholders, advocacy groups, some government entities, and the media, based on years of research and reporting on the benefits of diversity.


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I think the fact that large Universities and Hospital Boards and executives have always tended to select for Board membership individuals they think have both the capacity and the willingness to make large grants, Charitable Lead Trusts, and other Major and lead donations explains much about the exclusion or isolation of women.
However, as a former Major Donor Development Director, I know that research shows that women not only give equally large donations, but also often give for different reasons than their male peers.

Interesting comment, JoAnn. I know, as an alum of a women's college that has succeeded in raising a lot of money and from my involvement in a women's funding coalition, that you are correct about the research. Another piece of evidence for the importance of understanding the value of diversity. By the way, your book Towards Excellence Equity looks very interesting.

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I am looking forward to learning from your experience.

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