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Nonprofit Mergers, Acquisitions and Dissolutions

Nonprofit Mergers, Acquisitions and Dissolutions

Thursday, February 16, 2023 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm EST

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As nonprofits emerge from the Covid era, many are wondering what path forward provides the best possibility of continuing and improving their ability to fulfill their mission.  They have struggled with their finances.  They have lost staff.  The external world has changed.  For many executives and their boards, burnout is real.  Any yet, the need for their work continues, and is often growing.

The return to relative normalcy provides an opportunity for nonprofits to consider whether they should emerge from the relative silo of their operations and expand their collaborations, perhaps even to the point of an actual merger with a complimentary organization.  Thinking about it can be an intimidating prospect, but may be necessary if the organizations want to continue and thrive.

This webinar will discuss the many considerations along the way from collaboration to merger.  It will walk through the personal opportunities and legal minefields involved in making such changes.  It will discuss the various alternative legal relationships and the kind of "due diligence" investigation appropriate for considering a new way of doing business. It will discuss the types of procedures necessary to accomplish the goals, including the possible requirement for approval from the state Attorney General. And it will discuss the steps that many may be forced to take, if nothing else makes sense, to dissolve the organization and go out of business.

We will put these considerations in the context of real-life situations so that participants considering any new fundamental change can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the alternatives.

Catherine H. Gillespie of Montgomery, McCracken will join Donald Kramer, Esq., Editor of Nonprofit Issues® as program presenters. This program is presented in partnership with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

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