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Recorded Webinar - IRS Form 990: Public Relations Opportunity or Trap for the Unwary?

Recorded Webinar - IRS Form 990: Public Relations Opportunity or Trap for the Unwary?

This program will be recorded on March 17, 2021

Because most charity Form 990 tax information returns are instantly available on the Internet, they can be an organization's most important public relations document. 

They can also be traps for the unwary that lead to confusion, serious adverse publicity, media inquiries, and governmental sanctions. This session will view the full (long form) Form 990 from the perspectives of a donor and a regulator and discuss best practices for using the Form as a tool to provide transparency on an organization's operations. 

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Purchasers will receive a copy of the "Form 990 Compendium," the Standards for Excellence Educational Resource Packet containing sample policies and other important content to ensure your Form 990 can be a strong relational tool with the public, donors, media and the government. Listeners should have their most recent Form 990 available during the program. 

Follow your 990 line by line as we discuss.  

Learning Objectives:
* Recognize the Form 990 components that provide marketing and Public Relations opportunities
* Identify key areas that create "red flags" for the IRS, funders and potential donors
* Analyze your current Form 990 for its completeness and accuracy

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