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Issue Notes

Issue Notes

Missed one of our Webinars?

All of our webinars are recorded and available in our bookstore. Purchase the recorded version and listen at your convenience. Our 2013 webinars are listed below;

State Charitable Solicitation Statutes 
Events, auctions, sponsorships and acknowledgements
Lobbying and Electioneering for Nonprofits
Bylaws: The "Constitution" of Nonprofits
Nonprofit Mergers, Acquisitions and Affiliations 
Dispelling the Overhead Myth
Protecting Children From Abuse and Minimizing Risk for Your Nonprofit
Board Self-Assessment
Board Roles and Responsibilities--and Potential Liabilities
The Top Ten Employment Law Issues for Nonprofits

Visit our bookstore for more detailed information on each program.

Talk with the Editor, February 6

Join us for another Talk with the Editor telephone call on February 6 at 1:00. ET. You won’t get legal advice, but you will get Don Kramer’s reactions based on more than 35 years of working with nonprofit organizations.

Gather your people around your conference phone and ask your questions. You can ask questions about stories in our recent issues, any question of nonprofit law, or follow-up on a To the Point question you submitted or a question raised by someone else. Sign-up here.

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