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Is This Charitable Gift Deductible?

Is This Charitable Gift Deductible?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm EDT

We all know what a charitable gift is — or at least we think we do.  But the rules on giving and deducting are actually pretty complicated.  This webinar will provide a comprehensive review of the many rules and special situations that affect charitable giving and the deductibility of donor gifts.

What is a “gift”?  What is a “charitable” gift?  To whom may a charitable gift be deductible? How much is deductible?  What may the donor receive in return?  How does the recipient have to use the gift?  When is a charitable gift actually completed?  How is it valued?  What type of substantiation has to be obtained?  What type of paperwork has to be filed, and by whom?  What are the limits on deductibility?  How do these rules apply to special situations?

We will consider:

  • charity auctions
  • gifts of services
  • artwork
  • intellectual property
  • inventory
  • conservation easements
  • cars, boats and airplanes
  • taxidermy items
  • property subject to debt
  • clothing and household items
  • sponsorships
  • gifts for the use of charities
  • and many other issues

As a representative of a charity, or as a donor yourself, you will want to join us for this important overview.

Presented by Don Kramer, Esq., Editor of Nonprofit Issues in partnership with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

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