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Lobbying and Electioneering for Nonprofits-RRP

Lobbying and Electioneering for Nonprofits-RRP

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Lobbying Rules Create Opportunity for Charities-Ready Reference Page

There are many ways to advocate for public policy goals without going beyond the limitations of the Tax Code.

Public charities can usually advocate on public policy issues a lot more than they think they can. For years, they were conditioned to fear losing their exemption if they got involved in advocacy of any type. They knew that one of the conditions of Section 501(c)(3) status is that “no substantial part” of an organization’s activities can include attempting to influence legislation or “lobbying.”

IRS Guidance Has Not Changed on Electioneering-Ready Reference Page

With nonprofits gearing up for the elections, it is important to know what they can — and cannot — do with respect to the elections.  Section 501(c)(3) charities can lose their tax-exemption if they participate in an election indicating support for or opposition to any candidate for public office at any level of government.
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