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Six Critical Policies for Nonprofits (Recorded)

Six Critical Policies for Nonprofits (Recorded)

This program was recorded on April 13, 2023.

Concerned about the governance of your organization?

Take a renewed look at six critical policies that help you function safely and effectively.

Nonprofits have traditionally paid attention to conflict of interest policies, whistleblower policies, and document retention and destruction because the IRS asks about these policies on the Form 990 tax return. But these policies are critical in ensuring that you protect yourself from wrong-doing and criticism that could undermine your ability to promote your mission. Potential donors, members of the media, regulators, and careful job seekers will have greater confidence when you respond “yes” to the policy questions on the 990. You will be better protected when you have good policies that you can actually follow.

Effective nonprofits also develop a series of other policies to guide their internal operations. We will take a long look as three of these.

• a compensation policy that provides attractive and fair levels of compensation and protects against illegal excess benefit transactions.
• a confidentiality policy that realistically controls the issues that board and staff may talk about publicly. An inartful policy, if actually enforced, could prevent some directors from fulfilling their fiduciary duties.
• a remote work policy that may need a careful new look as “virtual” work is becoming permanent for many.

We will take a deep dive into these policies, discussing the key components of each policy and reviewing various sample policies to see how you can deal differently with different issues.

We will highlight policies promulgated and copyrighted by the Standards for Excellence Institute, the national program for ethics and accountability in the nonprofit sector. The Standards were originally developed by Maryland Nonprofits and are being promoted nationally with 10 replication partners, including the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

Nonprofits of all types and sizes are welcome to participate and join the discussion with your own comments or questions.

Here are some comments on evaluations of previous presentations:
• "Well organized, clear, helpful."
• "Excellent"
• "I learned a lot. We will be editing some policies."
• "Positional conflict was a new concept."
• "Well done!"

After last year's presentation, all of the evaluators said they had learned something they would be able to utilize in their programs and that they would recommend the webinar to others.

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