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Nonprofit Leadership and the Law
This comprehensive handbook is an important resource for board members and nonprofit administrators and their professional counselors.

Question of the Week
September 16-23, 2014
Is this expulsion a selective prosecution?

Our tax-exempt nonprofit been sued.  The lawsuit is a public record and a 30-year member gave it to another person for information.  The member was expelled for transmitting the public document. This is the first member to ever have been expelled from the membership.  Is this selective prosecution by the Board?

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State Charitable Solicitation Statutes: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
1:30-3:00 PM ET

Charities that seek contributions nationally must typically register in 39 states and the District of Columbia before starting to solicit. It's important that charities and fundraisers abide by the statutes—especially since noncompliance can result in the imposition of significant fines and penalties.

General Registration

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Foundation, President Not Liable
For Defamation of Grantee’s Former Exec
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Cannot Sue or Be Sued
Nearly ten years after start of litigation,
Kentucky Supreme Court throws out case

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Attorney General has authority to litigate
disposition of art given to William H. Seward

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Issue Notes

CLE, CPE Credit Now Available

Ask the Editor, September 7

Say That Again

Ready Reference

Ready Reference Page No. 130
Form 990 Reporting for Special Events
Can Be Tricky – And Is Often Wrong
Many returns fail to separate contributions and other amounts because nonprofits fail to keep adequate records
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Ready Reference pages are summaries of major issues in nonprofit law and governance including:

To the Point

Don Kramer answers readers questions
Ask Don

I am on the Board of a 501(c)(3) private school that has nine buildings on its campus.  Many are in need of modernization and the finances of the school do not allow that at the moment.  The Chair wishes to 'sell' the main administration building to a contractor/consultant for $1 and then let the contractor get the financing to upgrade the building.  The contractor will then 'lease' the building back to the school until the cost is paid.  I do not think it would be legal or ethical and would harm the nonprofit status of the school as donors would donate to a capital campaign to improve the building in question but the building would not be owned by the school.  Would donors still be able to take a tax deduction?  What are your thoughts on this scheme? Answer

Risk and Reward

Tips on reducing risks of litigation and liability by Melanie Herman, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Risk Mangement Center, Washington, D.C.

Dangerous Risk Management Myths and Untruths

Behind the Numbers

Clear explanations of financial and accounting issues for nonprofits.

Behind the Numbers
Development and accounting information disagrees?
Here is the solution!

By Eric Fraint


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