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May we have two separate sets of bylaws for members?

We have a nonprofit with 200 "shareholders" that is trying to include a statement in the bylaws that no amendment would apply to certain specific people. That would indicate, in the event of any amendment, we would actually have two separate bylaws - - one for certain named individuals and another for the remaining majority. Is it legal to have two separate sets of bylaws?


Can we stop moms from barbecue fundraising?

Parents on one of the teams in our nonprofit sports league have taken it upon themselves to do fundraising. They barbecue and sell food during the games. We have a snack hut so they are competing with the organization. They say as team moms they are allowed to do any fundraising for the team if they want. Is this true?


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Question of the Week

April 18-25, 2017
The mission of our 501(c)(3) organization is to advocate for animals. We have a project whose stated goal is to get 3 elephants from a local zoo into a sanctuary. Two of the elephants have died, and the third was transported to a zoo across the country. With the remaining elephant so far away, it is not practical for us to work on getting her released. (We are really small.)  We would like to change the mission of this project to encompass advocating for the retirement of any elephant in a zoo, so that we can support other efforts around the country. May we do this? How do we handle... read more

Employment Law

April 17, 2017

Newton Gregorio and his wife Lynette co-founded the Capital Inner City Outreach Ministry in...Read more

Exec may proceed with retaliation suit under Stimulus Act

A Head Start program in New York City has...

Don’t mess with charity volunteers

That’s what the general manager of a car...

Doc entitled to indemnification under bylaws

A nonprofit hospital physician who was...

The Nonprofit Library-Suggestion of the Week

Funds to the Rescue: 101 Fundraising Ideas for Humane and Animal Rescue Groups
By Susan C. Daffron

If you work for a non-profit humane society or pet rescue group, you understand the importance of fundraising to your organization's long-term survival. Funds to the Rescue is written specifically for humane groups.

Lead Stories

April 17, 2017

A private foundation in Texas may not sue the University of Alabama in a Texas court for breach...

PSU Trustees May Recover Costs Of Suit for Right to Review Records

Alumni trustees of Penn State University may...

Church Can’t Complain About Loss of Control of “Subsidiaries”

A church in San Francisco has lost a court...

Lessons from Litigation

April 17, 2017

Church of God Tabernacle, Inc., Church of God, True Holiness of Miami, Inc., Nationwide...Read more

Waiver does not bind student athletes

A release and waiver of claims for injury...

Lawyer not liable to unnamed beneficiaries of will

Reversing a decision by a state appellate...

Club removes president, dies from litigation costs

It took only three meetings of the...

Tax Matters

April 17, 2017

The Supreme Court of Idaho has held that a 96-bed skilled nursing facility operated by the...Read more

Religious organization can’t stop bank subpoenas

A nonprofit religious organization, which...

Deduction denied for lack of proper acknowledgment

A claim for a $338,000 charitable...

Court says PILOT payments are not unconstitutional

The Florida Supreme Court, accepting a...

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