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Should officer use personal credit card for (c)(3) purchases?


An officer of a nonprofit uses his personal credit card to pay the organization’s bills, and then submits a voucher to be reimbursed so he can earn a 2% credit for goods purchased and keep it for his personal use. Should the officer be doing this on a regular basis?


What do we tell winners of lottery or auction?


If our 501(c)(3) nonprofit has a raffle and the prize is worth more than $600, do we have to advise winner and tell the IRS of the winnings?  If we offered the same items through an auction format, and the value of each item was less, would there be an obligation to advise the highest bidder of any tax burden. We are currently raffling sports tickets that have a value of either just under or just over $600.


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Question of the Week

June 20-27, 2017
Are the volunteers who run a craft fair to raise funds for a charity required to tell the charity the identity of each of the crafters who participates?  The crafter’s get free space to sell their work at the fair.  They don’t have to pay a percentage of the sales to the charity or provide a discount to purchasers at the fair.  They are only asked to give an article for the charity’s raffle table.  Some of the vendors are the personal contacts of the volunteers who organize the event.  The paid executive director is asking for the information in order to write thank you notes, but the... read more

Employment Law

June 19. 2017

Termination for violation of a healthcare system’s conflict of interest policy is a sufficient...Read more

Fired COO may pursue whistleblower, RICO claims

A fired chief operating officer of a...

Minister may sue for breach of employment contract

Newton Gregorio and his wife Lynette co-...

Exec may proceed with retaliation suit under Stimulus Act

A Head Start program in New York City has...

The Nonprofit Library-Suggestion of the Week

Ethics for Fundraisers (Philanthropic and Nonprofit Studies)
By Albert B. Anderson

Invoking a variety of classical and contemporary models, Albert Anderson examines what it means to think and act ethically. Proceeding from the views of Immanuel Kant and John Stuart Mill-who created perhaps the two most influential, albeit competing, ethical frameworks-Anderson poses the choice between what we understand to be our moral duty and what will likely result in the greatest good for the majority. He applies these notions to a wide range of situations familiar to nonprofit development officers, volunteer, and organizations. His goal is to help readers rethink decision-making and the principles that guide their decisions.

Lead Stories

June 19, 2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reversed an Obama-era policy of having corporate defendants...

Texas Foundation Can’t Sue Alabama Grantee in Texas

A private foundation in Texas may not sue the...

Lessons from Litigation

June 19, 2017

A federal District Court in Seattle has dismissed a suit by a disappointed grant applicant who...Read more

Donor can’t recover gift after CEO was fired

A donor who claimed that her gifts to two...

Church properties not part of pastor’s estate

Church of God Tabernacle, Inc., Church of God...

Waiver does not bind student athletes

A release and waiver of claims for injury...

Tax Matters

June 19, 2017

The IRS will revise the charitable tax exemption application for small organizations, according...Read more

Skilled nursing facility denied exemption

The Supreme Court of Idaho has held that a 96...

Religious organization can’t stop bank subpoenas

A nonprofit religious organization, which...

Deduction denied for lack of proper acknowledgment

A claim for a $338,000 charitable...

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