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Can we keep dad's name off their building?

A local nonprofit wants to use my deceased father's name on their new building. Can they do that without our family's consent? Is there anything to stop anyone from using someone's name after their death in such a manner? We do not wish to have his name associated with this organization.  


May booster club share surplus with participants?


Families at our gym team are required to be members of our gymnastics booster club. Each year, we pay an assessment to the club. At the end of the year, any surplus in the general fund is divided by the number of family members and is moved to the individual escrow accounts. Is this practice is allowed?



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Wednesday, May 18th
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You can ask your personal nonprofit legal questions directly to editor Don Kramer on one of our regular conference telephone calls. 

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Question of the Week

May 3-10, 2016
In several articles on sponsorships, you say that if the acknowledgment takes the form of advertising, the value of the advertising has to be deducted from the payment before determining the amount of charitable contribution.  How do you determine the value of the advertisement?  We provide a booklet, which serves as sort of a program, for our annual garden tour fundraiser.  Companies buy ads... read more

Employment Law

May 2, 2016

A congregant of a church serving as a volunteer youth leader of the church’s youth ministry may...Read more

Hospital worker may be fired for refusing vaccine

A hospital employee who works in patient care...

Report of future crime not protected under whistleblower act

The Supreme Court of Michigan has held that...

The Nonprofit Library-Suggestion of the Week

The Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit, Fourth Edition
By Kim Skildum-Reid, Anne-Marie Grey

The Sponsorship Seeker's Toolkit, fourth edition, makes cutting-edge, best-practice sponsorship not only achievable, but sensible and straightforward. Corporate sponsorship experts Kim Skildum-Reid and Anne-Marie Grey have updated their classic guide to put you miles ahead of the competition.

New material includes the integration of social media into existing strategies, developing leverage ideas for proposals, more case studies than ever, and important trends in the world of corporate sponsorship.

Lead Stories

May 2, 2016

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a homeowners’ association judgment for more...

Committee Member Not Insured For Alleged Hacking Incident

Sally Leonard, a member of the paddling...

New Members May Take Over Nonprofit By Paying Dues and Calling Meeting

A largely dormant nonprofit corporation has...

Lessons from Litigation


An appellate court in New Jersey has reversed a trial court and ordered members of a mosque in...Read more

Tax Matters

May 2, 2016

A community theater promoting independent and art films qualifies as an organization that...Read more

Court denies IRS plea to avoid discovery

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ripped...

Zoning violation doesn’t jeopardize real estate exemption

An alleged violation of a local zoning...

IRS may recalculate tax on refund claim

A taxpayer’s consent to give the IRS extra...

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