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Can we keep dad's name off their building?

A local nonprofit wants to use my deceased father's name on their new building. Can they do that without our family's consent? Is there anything to stop anyone from using someone's name after their death in such a manner? We do not wish to have his name associated with this organization.  


Do these questions breach confidentiality?


I see all these questions you answer every week, and wonder if they are not a breach of confidentiality.  When can an individual ask a professional a question, just as an individual, not on behalf of the board, but just to clarify their own understanding? Making sure to not state the organization's name and make plain it is not on the board's authority?


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Wednesday, July 27th
1:00 PM Eastern Time

You can ask your personal nonprofit legal questions directly to editor Don Kramer on one of our regular conference telephone calls. 

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Question of the Week

July 19-26, 2016
The former pastor of our church turned the church over to the present pastor about five years ago.  With all of the financial debts, mortgage etc. involved, it has taken us almost five years to recover from paying debts incurred by the former pastor. The church now has a new name and is ready to file new articles of incorporation to start afresh and hopefully for 501(c)(3) status. Is the new church classified as a successor to the old?   Answer

Employment Law


An African-American caseworker for a nonprofit providing services to mentally disabled persons...Read more

Deacons not liable for pastor’s termination

Individual church deacons are not personally...

Time washing uniforms at home not compensable

A federal District Court in Michigan has...

Youth ministry not “youth serving organization”

A congregant of a church serving as a...

The Nonprofit Library-Suggestion of the Week

Church Administration: Creating Efficiency for Effective Ministry
By Robert H. Welch

For churches and religious nonprofit operations, the business of business is not business - it is ministry. Still, such institutions have to make plans. Because skilled organization is needed to accomplish specific tasks, a leader must train and motivate workers in progress and effectiveness. This second edition of Church Administration helps pastors and church staff become effective and efficient leaders, managers, and administrators. Among the topics discussed are: Adminstration Documents, Organizing the Church, Administering Personnel Resources, Financial Resources, Physical Resources, and Administering Risk Management.

Lead Stories

July 18, 2016

A citizen domiciled in Haiti cannot sue a defendant domiciled in Maine and claim federal court...

Unincorporated Association Can’t Hold Title to Real Estate

The Supreme Court of North Dakota has refused...

What May Church, Pastor Litigate in Court?

The First Amendment prohibits courts from...

Amendments Passed Without Approval Of Church Convention Are Void

An appellate court in Missouri has affirmed a...

Lessons from Litigation

July 11, 2016

The national Council for American-Islamic Relations Action Network may be liable for the...Read more

Planning committee can’t contest use of gift

A “planning committee” advising the Kent...

Volunteer coach not liable in concussion death

A volunteer coach of a high school football...

Heirs have no reversionary interest in hospital property

The heirs of donors who gave land to the City...

Tax Matters


A divided Supreme Court of Ohio has held that real estate used by a religious organization to...Read more

Easement not deductible with oral subordination

An oral subordination of existing mortgage...

Arts theater qualifies for real estate exemption

A community theater promoting independent and...

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