Does solicitation registration subject charity to AG review?

If a charity is incorporated under a state’s nonprofit law but is registered with other states to solicit contributions, is the organization now subject to the requirements for the Attorney General in those other states to approve corporate transactions?


May youth football team refuse membership to harassing parent?

Last season a parent harassed the staff of our 501(c)(3) youth football team so badly that our president had to obtain a restraining order. The order has now expired. May we refuse to let the family join our team this season?


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Question of the Week

July 28-August 4, 2015
I used to belong to a 501(c)(3) organization formed to help those who have a rare disease. I left because it seems a little shady. We did a small fundraiser the CEO said was to help patients but we were later told that all the money went to repay the CEO for what she initially put up to start the organization. After another fundraiser, she took a trip she claimed was to be by someone's bedside in a hospital but that wasn't true. She has done media interviews claiming she has this disease and is dying, but it appears that is not true. A lot...
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Employment Law


A boss’s “frequent” comments about age are sufficient to make out a prima facie case...Read more

Do directors count as employees for jurisdiction?

For an employee to invoke the jurisdiction of...

Instructors deemed employees for unemployment comp

An appellate court in New York has affirmed...

Employee may pursue bias case in RIF

Heather Bivens, the Associate Senior Vice...

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Lead Stories


An attorney who served on the board of directors and then as Executive Director of a...

Club Member May Sue Individually To Protest Ouster From Membership

A member seeking to restore his membership...

Court Can’t Limit Use of Trust Income To Coverage of Deficits at Hospital

When a bank trustee asked for guidance on how...

State May Require Donor List For Charitable Registration

California’s requirement to submit an...

Lessons from Litigation


The Rutherford Wrestling Club in Murfreesboro Tennessee has no legal interest in a building or...Read more

No fraud in contribution to find Earhart plane

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals has...

Agency counterclaims against “faithless servant”

When Joel Levy and his wife sued his former...

Watchdog may warn of possible charity irregularities

After a Missouri charity hired a for-profit...

Tax Matters


The Tax Court has rejected an IRS claim that a taxpayer had no donative intent when he sold...Read more

Nonprofit may claim damages from wrongful IRS disclosure

The Citizen Awareness Project, a nonprofit...

Deduction denied for sale of development rights

Taxpayers who claimed a $3 million charitable...

Court affirms penalty on deduction for worthless easement

The First Circuit Court of Appeals, dealing...

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