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Nonprofit Leadership and the Law
This comprehensive handbook is an important resource for board members and nonprofit administrators and their professional counselors.

Question of the Week
April 15-22, 2014
How do we honor deceased founding board member?

We are a small nonprofit that helps people with a certain disease.  One of our founding board members passed away from the disease in January.  We want to honor him in a special way and I'm wondering if you have examples of how other nonprofits have honored deceased board members.

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State Charitable Solicitation Statutes: Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

April 24, 2014
1:30-3:00 PM ET

Charities that seek contributions nationally must register in 39 states and the District of Columbia before starting to solicit. It's important that charities abide by these statutes— since noncompliance can result in the imposition of fines and penalties.

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Court Affirms Removal of Trustees,

Order for Exec to Repay $2 million
Charitable nursing home failed to file required reports, or document exec’s claimed loans to the corporation
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Ousted Directors Must Join
Nonprofit in Suit to Recover Seats
Corporation is deemed a “necessary
and indispensible” party for declaratory judgment

Court Grants Preliminary Injunction
To Stop Removal of Collection Bins
St. Vincent de Paul claims that for-profit interfered
with business relationship and destroyed clothing gifts

Lessons from Litigation

Fire Company holds proper meeting to sell station

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Employment Law

Is Medicaid-funded agency subject to PA whistleblower law?

No tortious interference from threat to leave association

Doubt not enough to avoid summary judgment
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Behind the Numbers

Donor denied deduction for gift of apartment house

Court explains Pennsylvania real estate tax exemption process
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Issue Notes

Avoiding Top Legal and PR Problems for Nonprofits: The Accountant’s Role

Ask the Editor, April 23

Say That Again

Ready Reference

Ready Reference Page
Should Your Organization Elect Under 501(h)?
The "pros" outweigh the "cons" in most cases
where a charity engages in significant advocacy

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Ready Reference pages are summaries of major issues in nonprofit law and governance including:

To the Point

Don Kramer answers readers questions.
Ask Don

A donor to our nonprofit Hindu temple allowed us to use his investment property as housing for our priest. He refused to take the token rent we offered him and asked that it be counted as a donation.  When we give him a donation letter at the end of the year, should we add this rent amount to the cash amount that he donated? Or should we spell it out differently? Answer

Risk and Reward

Tips on reducing risks of litigation and liability by Melanie Herman, Executive Director of the Nonprofit Risk Mangement Center, Washington, D.C.

Dangerous Risk Management Myths and Untruths

Behind the Numbers

Clear explanations of financial and accounting issues for nonprofits.

Behind the Numbers
Development and accounting information disagrees?
Here is the solution!

By Eric Fraint


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