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Does public gift recognition shame those who don’t give?

Our board has voted to publicly thank donors in a weekly email. Several members felt that acknowledging the contributing families would be good publicity and encourage more parents to contribute. I voted strongly against it because I believe that publishing donor's names to the entire group is offensive and unfair. Is there a privacy concern that would restrict the publishing of names?


What do we do about bounced donation check?

I am on the board of a high school sports booster club. We have a few parents who have written membership checks to the program that have been returned by the bank for insufficient funds. May we collect the bank fees that we were charged for the returned check, and if so, how do we go about it?


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Wednesday, November 9
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Question of the Week

October 25-November 1, 2016
Our 501(c)(3) community theatre contracts with a for-profit youth program. One of the youth program supporters donated $8,000 to the nonprofit for an upgrade to the theatre lighting system which is jointly used by both organizations. The for-profit is terminating the contract with the nonprofit and wants to claim the lights as their property. The nonprofit is willing to buy them but is concerned about the tax-exempt donation that was the basis of the purchase. What is the risk to the 501(c)(3) status if the nonprofit group pays the for-profit group for the lights?   ... read more

Employment Law

September 28, 2016

An employee allegedly told that she was passed over for a promotion because the selected...Read more

Discovery request too broad; response too narrow

In a discrimination case where the plaintiff...

Volunteer must arbitrate wage claim

Matthew Leonard worked at a concession stand...

The Nonprofit Library-Suggestion of the Week

Sports Fundraising: Dynamic Methods for Schools, Universities and Youth Sport Organizations
By David J. Kelley

Sports Fundraising is a complete introduction to fundamental principles and best practice in sports fundraising. Focusing on the particular challenges of fundraising in intercollegiate and interscholastic sport, and for youth sport organizations, the book is designed to help students develop the professional skills that they will need for a successful career in sports or education administration.

Lead Stories

September 29, 2016

“The question of who can speak for the animals has long vexed federal judges in animal-welfare...

Charity Officers Sued for Breach In Administering ERISA Plan

Charities and others are increasingly facing...

Catholic System Directors Not Liable for Negligence

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has...

Fundraising Association Lacks Standing To Challenge Registration Law

A federal District Court in Utah has ruled...

Lessons from Litigation

September 27, 2016

An appellate court in Pennsylvania has affirmed a trial court decision refusing to invade the...Read more

Is Institute liable for employee’s traffic accident?

Is the Culinary Institute of America liable...

Executor surcharged for below-market sale of property

The executor of a decedent’s estate in New...

Attorney disbarred for retaining fee

An attorney has been disbarred by the Utah...

Tax Matters

September 28, 2016

The Internal Revenue Service and a federal District Court are justified in saying that an non-...Read more

Habitat exempt from on tax vacant lot

The Supreme Court of Oregon has overruled a...

Lessor LLC not exempt from real estate tax

A divided Supreme Court of Ohio has upheld a...

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