Our horse rescue is not recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization anymore.

May we still accept donations but tell the person that they are not tax deductible? We are currently lowering our inventory and the question has been raised. Answer

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Question of the Week

April 28-May 5, 2015
Do we have the legal right to refuse a donor/major gift society member who has become undesirable? One major donor is harassing another major donor who is also a board member. Can we legally return the gentleman's money and let him know that we don't want him to be affiliated with our organization anymore?
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Employment Law


A whistleblower protection policy in a nonprofit’s employee handbook may be sufficient to...Read more

Community service not subject to FLSA

A criminal defendant ordered to perform...

Court permits employee to pursue retaliation claim

Stating that there were too many “loose ends...

Firing experienced manager for lack of experience sounds like pretext

Firing a billing manager praised for her...

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Lead Stories


Recently released portions of briefs in the sealed case involving the question whether an...

Pa. Supreme Court To Consider Attorney-Charity Confidentiality

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has agreed...

National Nonprofit Not Liable For Local Chapter’s Failures

The Council on American-Islamic Relations...

Lessons from Litigation


In a case of apparent first impression, the Court of Appeals of Indiana has ruled that a Joint...Read more

Bankruptcy court may recover transfer to church cemetery trust

Neither the Religious Freedom Restoration Act...

Sorority moms lose claims for damages

Although the federal District Court for the...

9th Circuit affirms anti-trust decision

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has...

Tax Matters


A 22-acre conservation easement that could be modified by the donor for up to 5% of the area...Read more

What do we mean when we say “nonprofit”? The NFL adds confusion

People are usually surprised when we ask...

Court dismisses case against Lois Lerner

A federal District Court in Texas has...

Estate denied deduction for sum set aside for charity

A decedent’s estate that set aside money for...

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