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Question of the Week

January 20-27, 2015
As a local 501(c)(3) human services agency, we are members of a statewide membership organization of similar agencies. The statewide organization serves as a pass-thru for government funding for the local agencies. Recently, they have shown an increased interest in other fundraising for their organization, and approaching funders that may already be supporting local organizations directly (thereby diluting the pot of funding for direct services). Is it a conflict of interest for a funding organization to compete with the organizations they fund? (The...
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Employment Law


The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed the termination of an employee of a nonprofit...Read more

Whistleblowers protected under Minnesota law

Two employees of a nonprofit training center...

Female vet may proceed with equal pay claim

A federal District Court in New York City has...

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Lead Stories


An appellate court in Illinois has allowed the estates of an employee’s wife and two children...

Court Denies Member’s Request To Deliver Copies of Records

A member of a nonprofit condominium...

What Is Value of Sorority Membership To Students and Their Mothers?

What are the potential damages to two Howard...

Trustee for Charity Must Invest Income-Only Fund for Growth

The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts...

Lessons from Litigation


Members’ right to vote for directors of a nonprofit advocacy group is not required to give the...Read more

Unrenewed members are not a protected class

Members of a community association who were...

Donors may recover gifts when new church isn’t built

The Supreme Court of Mississippi has...

Claim against directors for improper use of name fails

The former board chair of a nonprofit has no...

Tax Matters


An appellate court in North Carolina has refused to grant real estate tax exemption to a...Read more

Maine exempts wildlife conservation land

The Supreme Judicial Court of Maine has...

Vacant school, available for lease or sale, eligible for exemption

A vacant school that the owner was actively...

How do you value remainder interest in LLC?

When the taxpayer values a charitable...

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