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Bylaws: The "Constitution" of Nonprofits - The Art and Science of Making Them Work (Recorded)

Bylaws: The "Constitution" of Nonprofits - The Art and Science of Making Them Work (Recorded)

This program was recorded on January 24, 2024

This presentation addresses the art and science of drafting bylaws. Well-written and formulated bylaws help shape power relationships within a nonprofit organization; provide unambiguous procedures to prevent disputes; and reduce the risks of litigation. Bylaws should provide answers, not raise questions.

Listeners will gain clarity on procedural issues.

• Understand the relationship to articles of incorporation.
• Learn whether you should be a "membership" organization.
• Determine whether your bylaws answer the question: "whose organization is it?"
• Learn how to deal with ex officio directors.
• Learn how to deal with term limits.
• Learn how to deal with board committees.
• Learn the critical issues in removal clauses.

In a line by line review of sample articles of incorporation and bylaws, you will learn how to avoid aspirational language, inconsistent language, passive tense and ambiguities. Participants can raise their questions for immediate answers.

You will take home our most popular Ready Reference Pages on articles of incorporation and bylaws, "annotated" with explanatory comments. You will also take home sample forms that work!

This program was sponsored in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations.

What past participants say about this webinar:

* Excellent, even for those who are Bylaws-savvy.
* I got what I needed to proceed with change and revisions.
* Well paced. Excellent speaker and materials.
* The sample bylaws are SO helpful.
* I have been involved in revising our bylaws for the last year. I wish I had [this webinar] a year ago!
* Exactly what I hoped, with added emphasis of keeping it simple, non-detailed and 'timeless.'

Attendees of this program will be eligible for a discounted bylaw review session with Don Kramer.

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