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April 1-15, 2006

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April 1-15, 2006

April 1-15, 2006

Spitzer May Pursue Grasso On Charges of Unreasonable Pay
Court denies motions to dismiss demands to repay compensation from NYSE

Court Gives Estate To Contingent Beneficiary
Named organization was no longer in existence and there was no successor to beneficiary

LLC Can’t Sue Co-Member’s Parent, But Lack of Authority Is No Defense
Court allows LLC to pursue claim on non-compete agreement despite provisions of operating agreement requiring consent 

Ready Reference Page No. 89
New Form 990 Offers Greater Chance To Promote Program Accomplishments

Charities would do well to review tax return from the point of view of prospective donors before filing

Issues Notes

  • Thursday with the Editor, April 27

To the Point

Can a charity participate in a referendum on gentrification?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Court affirms Sierra Club anti-SLAPP decision
  • Foreign corporation may sue without registering
  • Nonprofit may be liable for investigator’s fall

Tax Matters

  • Court enjoins City‘s eviction of Church

Employment Law

  • Court dismisses FMLA claim despite wrong advice

Say That Again

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