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April 1-16 , 2004

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April 1-16 , 2004

April 1-16 , 2004

IRS to Launch Compliance Initiative On Excess Benefit Transactions
Examiners will pursue "automatic" violations even where payments are reasonable

Nonprofit May Adopt Bylaw Provisions Which Are Not Inconsistent with Charter
Court also rejects claims that Association violated proper procedures in governance

University Must Exercise Reasonable Care In Directing Student on Class Field Trip
Case is analogous to charities directing volunteers to perform services for the organization

Issues Notes

Thursday with the Editor, April 29, 1:00 ET
Kramer to speak on board issues for LaSalle

To the Point
For code of conduct and falsifying fact issues within a committee, after raising it to the chair of the Board, no resolution was achieved. Where is the next authority to report such issues? Any organization governing nonprofit organizations?

Lessons from Litigation

  • What is school's duty to volunteer playground supervisor?
  • Charitable and good works can reduce prison sentence
  • Executor can't seek return of scholarship fund
  • Court told to determine charitable contributions

Tax Matters

  • IRS must disclose response to Congress
  • Physician bonuses may preclude charitable exemption

Employment Law

  • Court allows age discrimination case to proceed

Risk & Reward
Charitable Reputation: An Asset Worth Protecting

Say That Again?

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