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April 16-30, 2006

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April 16-30, 2006

April 16-30, 2006

Independent Sector Issues Supplemental Report, Generally Discourages New Federal Action
One exception is recommendation to create a national charitable solicitation registration system

Insured May Not Change Beneficiary Of Life Insurance By Provisions in Will
Even a specific reference to the policy to be changed does not prevail over terms of contract 

Who Receives Remainder of Lifetime Trust Representing Unspent Distributions from CRAT?
New York Court of Appeals reverses decision and awards accumulated funds to charities inheriting remainder of trust 

Ready Reference Page No. 90
Independent Sector’s Supplemental Report Proposes National Charitable Solicitation Registration Program

Report generally opposes additional federal regulation being considered by Congressional committees and the IRS

Issues Notes

  • Kramer to speak at Nonprofit Institute
  • Note to Subscribers—Access is Free
  • Thursday with the Editor, May 11

To the Point

Our Executive Director would like to supplement our publishing dollars by selling ads. I have been told by our grant writer that we cannot do this because the income would be treated in a different manner than the grants we are funded with. 

Lessons from Litigation

  • Gift of proceeds of Ponzi scheme are fraudulent conveyances
  • CRUT beneficiary need not arbitrate claims against brokers
  • Charity can’t sue Congressman for defamation
  • Nonprofit not liable for accident before start of lease

Tax Matters

  • Court reduces deduction for gift of underwater hotel

Employment Law

  • Denial of pay raise not sufficient reason to quit
  • Rehab patient must repay unemployment compensation

Say That Again

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