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April 16-30, 2008

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April 16-30, 2008

April 16-30, 2008

Court Ousts Board That Breached Duty in Deciding to Close Museum
Trustee told to appoint new Board  to run museum according to will

Directors Not Personally Liable For Defaults Under Lease
“Economic loss rule” prevents personal liability for contractual damages

Founder May Control Trademarks Despite First Use by Nonprofits
Court says “related companies doctrine” may give individual rights if he controlled nonprofits

Behind the Numbers
The ABC’s of Accounting For Grants, Pledges, and Contributions
By Eric Fraint, President
Your Part-Time Controller, LLC

Issues Notes

  • Thursday with the Editor, July 10
  • Special July 17 - Thursday with the Editor to focus on new Form 990

To the Point
My 15-year old son is passionate about civil rights for youth and is committed to fighting to reduce the voting age in our state to 16. He formed a nonprofit corporation and I am not sure that he should file for 501(c)(3) status.  He intends to meet with state legislators in an attempt to get a bill introduced. I am concerned that meeting with legislators might be considered lobbying and might jeopardize the group’s 501(c)(3) status.

Lessons from Litigation

  • Who is bound by 1966 injunction?
  • Court refuses to change California solicitation law

Tax Matters

  • Neighbors lack standing to appeal real estate exemption
  • Bowling association exempt as “civic” organization

Employment Law

  • Intervening event breaks causation on retaliation
  • Disability plan is not a “church plan” exempt from ERISA

Say That Again

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