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August 1-15, 2005

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August 1-15, 2005

August 1-15, 2005

Hospital Not Required to Maintain Chapel Constructed With Bequest
Court reverses trial court decision that prevented hospital from demolishing structure for expansion

To Hearing Before Denial of Full Membership
Court says Board may deny admission without notice although members would be entitled to hearing before expulsion

Who Receives Remainder of Lifetime Trust Representing Unspent Distributions from CRAT?
Heirs claim payments are unspent “income” for them while charities claim accumulations are principal for them

Ready Reference Page
Foreign Grants Require Special Considerations 

Both public charities and private foundations should take special precautions to avoid tax, criminal penalties

Issues Notes

  • Kramer Speaks at Judges’ Conference
  • Association Members Get Discounts
  • Thursday with the Editor, September 1

To the Point

Is it legal to charge a percentage of gross income from fundraising as salary instead of a base salary?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Debt collection claim is not dismissed against hospitals
  • Soccer coach must pay attorneys’ fees for appeal

Tax Matters

  • CBO questions taxing nonprofits
  • IRS issues reminder on Supreme Court lobbying

Employment Law

  • Tennessee voids physician covenant not to compete

Say That Again?

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