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August 1-31, 2007

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August 1-31, 2007

August 1-31, 2007

Jury May “Pierce Corporate Veil” Of Nonprofit to Recover from Founder
Liability was imposed when foundation was “alter ego,” undercapitalized, and failed to follow formalities 

Surviving Nonprofit May Enforce Contract Rights Of Entity That Merged
Hospital may enforce indemnification agreement of nursing services provider for merged hospital

Court Grants Cy Pres for Trust To Fund Relocated Public Garden
City destroyed garden for revitalization project, but will get benefit of funds for another site

Private Foundations May Participate In Combined Federal Campaign
Court rules that Administration may not limit eligibility to public charities

Nonprofit Law YOU Need to Know
Are small “quid pro quo” gifts fully deductible?
Where can I report for-profit “charitable” arm?
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Issues Notes

  • This Year in Nonprofit Law
  • Thursday with the Editor, November 8

To the Point
Can an employee serve on a private nonprofit corporation board of directors?

Lessons from Litigation

  • When does organization become independent?
  • Which members can incorporate church?

Tax Matters

  • Is it worth the effort to file correct tax return?
  • IRS really wants FICA taxes from medical residents

Employment Law

  • Employee not protected for exercising free speech
  • Who can be defendant in discrimination case?

Say That Again

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