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December 16, 2004 - January 15, 2005

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December 16, 2004 - January 15, 2005

December 16, 2004 - January 15, 2005

Court Allows Barnes Foundation To Move Collection to Philadelphia
Staying in Merion would not generate excitement or attract “alpha donors” to provide necessary resources

Others File Appeal, New State Claims
Judges are not convinced that hospitals have specific free care obligation resulting from exempt status

Utah Supreme Court Recognizes Claim For “Negligent Placement” of Foster Child
Permits foster parents to sue placement agency when foster child sexually abused parents’ child

Behind the Numbers
Allocating Your Costs Redux: Rules for Allocating Joint Activity Costs That Include Fundraising 

Issues Notes

Still Need a Holiday Gift?
Seminar Books Available
Kramer to Speak on Board Duties at Pa. Bar Institute Programs

To the Point

I am the co-founder of a new non-profit organization and the question has come up as to whether or not I can assume a paid position within the organization. Can a co-founder ethically become an executive director?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Is church liable for congregant’s negligence?
  • Sponsor of bike rally fundraiser may be liable for negligence when police fail to prevent traffic accident

Tax Matters

  • Illinois Supreme Court says Legislature can’t change Constitutional standard for tax exemption

Employment Law

  • Employee may sue for retaliatory discharge for complaining of Director’s “theft” of mailing list

Say That Again?

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