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February 1-15, 2006

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February 1-15, 2006

February 1-15, 2006

Nonprofit Hospital Not Liable For Killer Competition with Med Center
Actions taken to advance competitive interests were not improper interference with Center’s business

Insurance Doesn’t Cover Claim for Goods Missing from Storage Company
Court says exclusion for “personal property” includes business property as well as that for personal use

Court Directs Custodian for Mosque to Assure Proper Selection of Directors
Records do not show whether either faction has legitimacy to occupy positions of leadership 

Illinois AG Proposes Legislationto Require Charity Care from Hospitals

Risk & Reward
Do I Need a New Broker? 
Here’s Your Sign!

Issues Notes

  • Thursday with the Editor, February 23 - Special Presentation
  • Need a new binder?

To the Point

Where can I find information on how to take a company back to a for-profit organization? The company was started as a for-profit for the first 5 years and then turned into a nonprofit for 4 years. The owner wants to sell it but first needs to make it into a for-profit again?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Court dissolves injunction against use of picture
  • Electronic bingo is not “bingo”

Tax Matters

  • Deductions denied without adequate substantiation

Employment Law

  • Is bank liable for manager’s fatal accident 
  • while delivering material for charity?

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