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February 16-28, 2005

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February 16-28, 2005

February 16-28, 2005

Independent Sector Seeks Comments on Ideas To Strengthen Governance and Accountability
Work Groups and Expert Advisory Group offer comments on draft proposals of Senate Finance Committee

Court Adopts “Multi-Factor Approach” To Determine Standing in Charity Case
Hershey School Alumni Association is permitted to challenge action of state Attorney General under expanded analysis of factors

IRS Reiterates Right of Foundations To Support Lobbying by Public Charities
Responds with helpful answers to questions about using legislative activity as a means of reaching philanthropic goals

Behind the Numbers
In-Kind Contributions: How to Account For Them Correctly

By Eric Fraint
Your Part-Time Controller, LLC

Issues Notes

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Thursday with the Editor, February 24

To the Point

We are in the process of updating our by-laws. Is there a specific procedure we must follow by state/federal law to do this?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Action taken by improperly elected Board is a nullity and ineffective to extinguish easements

Tax Matters

  • Budget proposes tax- free IRA withdrawals for charity; new tax on investor-owned life insurance benefits
  • Court says 501(c)(3) church is religious society, not eligible for broader “public use” exemption

Employment Law

  • Employee harassed by Board Co-Chair did not show hostile work environment
  • Trooper injured in charity softball game is eligible for workers’ compensation

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