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February 16-28, 2006

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February 16-28, 2006

February 16-28, 2006

Board Can’t Remove Director Without Notice Before Action
Board says notice required only for special meeting; Court dismisses “disingenuous” position

CFO May Be Fired After Complaints About Improper Financial Statements
Court says public policy exception to employment-at-will is not implicated by failure to follow proper standards

Foundation Is Not “Affiliated Organization” Because of Overlapping Trustees
Court says Trustees can collect fees from both entities without offset required for service with affiliated organization

Nonprofit Law You Want to Know
We receive many questions from our readers. This issue we answer questions on the following topics;

Church rentals of property
Nonprofit Subsidiaries
Gifts for volunteers
Public disclosure of budgets
Closing down a charity
Alcohol at Board meal
Expanding the Board

Issues Notes

  • Nonprofit Issues Live coming to a city near you?
  • Send a Sample to a Friend
  • Thursday with the Editor, March 9

To the Point

If funds are stolen from a 501(c)(3) charity, does the Board have an obligation to report it to the police if the funds are returned?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Children’s agency wins insurance coverage
  • when insurer can’t prove endorsement was attached
  • Who pays medical costs of drunk driver?

Tax Matters

  • Statute exempting YMCA property survives challenge by for-profit clubs

Employment Law

  • Hospital must discharge nurses who don’t pay union dues
  • Court enjoins hospital from enforcing policy against economic interest in competitors

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