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January 1-31, 2008

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January 1-31, 2008

January 1-31, 2008

Director Did Not Breach Fiduciary Duty In Buying Property for Club in Own Name
Court says arrangement was fully explained and Board approved transaction with full understanding

Executive Director May Not Sue to Enjoin Acts of Directors
Director, if not properly removed, may have standing to pursuit litigation

For-Profit Has No Claim Against Nonprofit When Joint Proposal Is Only Partially Funded
Court says there was no contract between them and no breach of fiduciary duty by the nonprofit

Ready Reference Page No. 102
Viguerie Challenges Waxman On Direct Mail Costs of Charities

Says mail has multiple purposes and Congress could not live with charity restrictions

Issues Notes

  • Thursday with the Editor, February 28

To the Point

A donor purchased $300 worth of raffle tickets and now wants a letter for a tax deduction.  What do we do?  

Lessons from Litigation

  • Charity officials convicted for false tax reports
  • Court affirms 3-6 year sentence for charity fraud
  • Congregation ordered to hold Board election

Tax Matters

  • IRS posts new Form 990-N
  • Deductions denied for lack of proof

Employment Law

  • Volunteer directors not employees under ADEA, ADA
  • Nonprofit broadcaster not excluded from FLSA

Say That Again

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