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January 16-31, 2006

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January 16-31, 2006

January 16-31, 2006

Property of Archdiocese is Subject To Claims of Abuse Victims in Bankruptcy
Religious Freedom Restoration Act may protect some assets if children and donors have an interest

Agency’s For-Profit Subsidiary is Successor That Must Bargain with Seller’s Union
From the employees’ perspective, the only change was the signature on the paycheck

Local Church Holds Property In Trust for Episcopal Diocese
Group may not cut affiliation by merging with separate corporation formed by vestry

Ready Reference Page
Articles of Incorporation Establish Basic Form of Nonprofit Corporations

State laws and IRS require certain provisions, including additional terms is primarily a matter of style

Issues Notes

  • Kramer to talk on legal climate for charities in 2006
  • Interested in reprinting items from Nonprofit Issues?
  • Thursday with the Editor, February 9 - Special Presentation

To the Point

My wife and I have a private family foundation. We work with at risk inner city kids for educational tutoring. Can we become a public charity or create a public charity with just the two of us as trustees?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Internet correspondents are not “enterprise” for RICO
  • Inclusion in book on “cults” is not defamatory

Tax Matters

  • Senators’ fundraising letters are not political intervention

Employment Law

  • Complaints about unsanitary food trigger whistleblower protection
  • Court dismisses late objection to arbitration award

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