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July 1-15, 2004

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July 1-15, 2004

July 1-15, 2004

Senate Finance Committee Hearing Seeks “To Bring Real Reform in the Nonprofit Sector”
IRS has already begun initiatives to tighten oversight on compensation, governance, and cooperation with states

Foundation May Suspend Grants to Theater But May Not Make Grants Elsewhere
Court says trustees have not shown that it is impracticable to continue distributions

Court Must Approve Reimbursement Provision When Contract to Sell Assets Is Disapproved
Court’s refusal to approve sale does not invalidate entire agreement but reimbursement provision must be reasonable

Ready Reference Page
Senate Committee’s White Paper Proposes Vast Expansion of Federal Power Over Charities

Issues Notes

Kramer to participate in Barnes discussion
Thursday with the Editor, July 29, 1:00 ET
Want to promote a new Member Benefit?

To the Point

Our synagogue wants to acquire several bank certificates of deposit for different terms. Our president and financial secretary will be the signatories. Can these signatories be changed if we elect new officers? Will there be a penalty?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Lab may participate in free program under anti-kickback law
  • Court affirms finding of testamentary capacity against challenge
  • Klan group may participate in state Adopt a Highway program

Tax Matters

  • IRS issues guides for car donation programs
  • Certified mail means certified mail

Say That Again?

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