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July 16-31, 2004

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July 16-31, 2004

July 16-31, 2004

Revocation of Dissolution Does Not Revoke Transfer of Property Before Reinstatement
Property voluntarily transferred to third parties does not come back to corporation which reestablishes its right to operate

Nonprofit Has Standing to Contest Violation of Voting Rights Act
Group has suffered its own injury in fact when state refuses to accept voter forms from its registration drive

Board Has No Power to Issue “Candidate Audit” During Elections
Losing candidate has no effective remedy and is deemed a public figure for defamation claim

Who Suffers Loss When Title Agent Absconds with Money Before Settlement?
If agent embezzles funds before the time to release them, the loss falls upon the depositor. But who is depositor?

Issues Notes

Thursday with the Editor, July 29, 1:00 ET
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To the Point

501(c)(3) versus 509(a)(1). What is the difference between these two statuses?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Does cy pres doctrine apply to gift to Dental School Alumni Development Fund?
  • New Jersey nonprofit may be sued in New York
  • Scout troop, church sponsor not liable for criminal abuse
  • Harvard found in breach of USAID contract

Tax Matters

  • Taxpayers denied deduction on split-dollar insurance premiums
  • Deductions denied without substantiation
  • Nursing home denied exemption for private pay residents

Employment Law

  • Shelter director limited to workers’ comp for accident during trip to TV station; Franciscan Brother E.D. is not volunteer
  • Where does telecommuter sue for employment claim?

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