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July 16-31, 2005

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July 16-31, 2005

July 16-31, 2005

Court Expands Standing Rules When Attorney General Has Conflict
New York Court permits Blue Cross subscribers to sue, but dismisses claims to stop conversion to for-profit

Court Upholds Bylaw Requirement For Approval of 2/3 of Members to Sue
Case against developer is dismissed when Association fails to obtain votes from membership

Animal Welfare Providers Have No Standing To Contest Humane Society’s Pledge of Trust Assets
Indiana Court rejects multiple claims of special interest in denying request to intervene in court proceeding

Behind the Numbers
Perform a Mini-Assessment of Your Financial Department

Issues Notes

  • Interested in Reprinting Items from Nonprofit Issues?
  • Thursday with the Editor, July 28

To the Point

I would like to use an online store to sell items for a profit so that we may raise funds. Should I be concerned about tax problems connected to our income?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Court dismisses state law claims by uninsured patients
  • What standard of practice applies to nursing home medical director?
  • Nonprofit intermediary not eligible for governmental immunity

Tax Matters

  • IRS issues final rules on allocating contributions
  • to U.S. source income for foreign tax credits
  • Leasehold income precludes exemption for property

Employment Law

  • Executive director personally liable for FLSA violations
  • "Touchy feely” agency may be sued under Title VII
  • Public policy exception to termination of at will employee does not protect objector to false information for donors

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