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July 16-31, 2006

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July 16-31, 2006

July 16-31, 2006

Congress Passes Charity Provisions, Gift Incentives in Pension Bill
Incentives would expire in two years; “reform” provisions would be permanent 

Power of Attorney Authorizes Gifts Only in Best Interest of Principal
Nephew’s transfer of $820,000 to himself is overturned so that charity may receive bequest 

Referral Agency Not Liable For Injuries Caused by Service Provider on List
Court says agency had no duty to protect, and could not control conduct of third-party provider

Ready Reference Page
What Do We Mean When We Say “Nonprofit”?

Terminology obscures distinctions that are critical to understanding the rules that apply to organizations

Issues Notes

  • Remember. You have a virtual textbook
  • of nonprofit law just mouse clicks away
  • Thursday with the Editor, August 10

To the Point

Our articles of incorporation state that our 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit cannot own stock. Is there any way we can change the articles or adopt a new policy on investing?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Nonprofit partially stops retaliatory legislation
  • Court affirms convictions in solicitation scheme
  • Headhunter not liable for CEO’s incompetence

Tax Matters

  • State law can’t grant retroactive extension
  • for fraternities to file for tax exemption

Employment Law

  • Nonprofit exec not totally unemployed
  • if volunteering for organization
  • Court dismisses retaliation claim under ERISA

Say That Again

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