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June 1-15 , 2004

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June 1-15 , 2004

June 1-15 , 2004

State Can’t Force Energy Foundation To Contribute $125 Million for State Programs
Lofty Constitutional arguments boil down to question of whose organization is it?

Zoning Law Permitting Clubs, Not Churches, Violates Federal Religious Land Use Law
Court upholds constitutionality of statute that prohibits treating religious groups on “less than equal terms” with others

Court Refuses to Terminate Spendthrift Trust But Advances $3 Million of Charitable Remainder
Life income beneficiaries and charity can’t divvy up fund when bank trustee objects to the termination

Risk & Reward
Background Checks: What You Need to Know

Issues Notes

Want to promote a new Member Benefit?
Kramer to talk on accountability
Thursday with the Editor, June 24, 1:00 ET

To the Point

We are a new charity that has not received any grants or other cash donations yet, but have received in-kind services. Do we still have to file a Form 990?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Former pastor sentenced to jail for refusing to leave church
  • Recognizing disabled client’s right to decide is not a judicial admission of negligence
  • How much evidence do you need?

Tax Matters

  • Government Initiates Appeal process in St. David's Hospital case
  • IRS will include churches in review of high income employees
  • Residential portion of parish house is not exempt as purely public charity

Employment Law

  • Employer may compel arbitration of claim that employees obtained improper terminations

Say That Again?

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