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June 1-30, 2007

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June 1-30, 2007

June 1-30, 2007

Members’ Right to Examine Books Includes Right to Copy Material
Court says any other interpretation of statutewould make right useless, hollow, and meaningless

Insurance Does Not Protect Against Claim to Return Government Funds
Court says claim barred both by policy language and requirements of public policy 

Court Allows Consolidation Of Jewish Centers
Member’s objections are overruled when action was taken in good faith

IRS Pushed Too Hard Before Making Criminal Referral
Court will decide whether to limit evidence in criminal case against nonprofit executives

Nonprofit Law YOU Need to Know
How can we remove a board member?

Issues Notes

  • A Word about this issue
  • SAVE THE DATE – November 15, 2007
  • Thursday with the Editor, September 13

To the Point

Is it legal for a nonprofit Board to conduct electronic meetings or make decisions via email without actually meeting face to face?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Members on record date may vote at meeting
  • Shelter has no claim for disclosure of address
  • Bodily tissue donations belong to University, not physician
  • Who is FASNY?

Tax Matters

  • IRS reports increase in complaints of electioneering
  • Deduction lost for split interest trust
  • Tax Court denies property deductions

Employment Law

  • Agency not liable for harassment, retaliation
  • Paramedic loses discrimination suit, not retaliation claim
  • Schizophrenic does not prove disability discrimination

Say That Again

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