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June 16-30, 2006

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June 16-30, 2006

June 16-30, 2006

Court Denies Negotiated Fee For Trustee of Charitable Trust
Attorney General objects to arrangement which was not approved in advance

Court Approves Execution of Will, Though Witnesses, Notary Not Present
Uniform Probate Code provisions for self-proved document preclude challenge

Courts Refuse to Hear Church Disputes Over Pastors
First Amendment prevents courts from becoming entangled in religious controversies

Ready Reference Page
Bylaws Function as “Constitution” Of Nonprofit Corporations

Regulation of corporate governance demands as much care and thought as the Constitution of a country

Issues Notes

  • Nonprofit Issues Live coming to a city near you?
  • Thursday with the Editor, July 13

To the Point

Can a pastor discuss politics from the pulpit? If so, how far can he/she go. Can a pastor have political events at his home as a private citizen?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Trade Association not public interest litigant
  • Parolee can’t expunge record to work in prison
  • Uninsured patients lose in Georgia state court

Tax Matters

  • Court rejects Internet valuation of truck
  • Care facility denied real estate tax exemption

Employment Law

  • Whistleblower has no case for negligent supervision

Say That Again

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