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June 16-30, 2009

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June 16-30, 2009

June 16-30, 2009

In-Person Solicitations Create Grounds for State Court Jurisdiction
Multiple meetings and state charitable solicitation registration show out-of-state charity sought to avail itself of state law

FTC, 49 States Bring Actions Against Alleged Fraudulent Solicitations
“Operation False Charity” targets 32 fundraising companies, 22 nonprofits or “purported nonprofits,” and 31 individuals

Are Board Officers Personally Liable For State Overpayments to School?
Court remands case to determine whether officers breached their fiduciary duty of oversight

Ready Reference Page No. 107
Nonprofits Must Deal With Religiously Diverse Workplace

Title VII requires reasonable accommodation that does not impose undue hardship on business

Issues Notes

  • Note to librarians and other readers
  • Talk with the Editor, June 23

To the Point

I work for a web development company that has been donating services and hosting to a new nonprofit that has not yet received its 501(c)(3) recognition. The organization’s site currently claims they have obtained this status.  My question is twofold: 1) Is there a possibility of prosecution for our company or for the organization? 2) If exempt status is not received, can we still claim an itemized donation deduction?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Interview during search not “custodial interrogation"
  • NY refuses to apply NJ charitable immunity

Tax Matters

  • Affiliate material on website is electioneering

Employment Law

  • Employee wins appeal, may lose case
  • Court dismisses harassment, retaliation claims

Say That Again

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