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March 1-15, 2005

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March 1-15, 2005

March 1-15, 2005

Minnesota Attorney General Blasts Hospital For Failures in Charity Care, Governance
“Indifference” to patients is “particularly troubling” when juxtaposed against trips, cars, and executive perks 

Family Foundation Loses Case To Loss of Name on Cancer Center
Court dismisses claim against law firm for conflict, finds neither standing to sue Center, nor damages suffered

Does Will Permit Multiple Gifts?
Executor authorized to give “an amount, up to $100,000, to any person(s)/entity(ies)”

Issues Notes
Nonprofit Issues Live-Coming to a city near you?
Thursday with the Editor, March 10

To the Point

Can an LLC receive gifts in a similar fashion as a non-profit organization? 

More To the Point
Can a nonprofit prevent a merger?
Can an LLC be a charity? Can a 501(c)(3) be a section 527 corporation?
What information are nonprofits required to disclose to the public?

Lessons from Litigation

  • School may pursue negligent misrepresentation claim
  • Charitable Immunity limits do not apply to retaliatory discharge
  • When did the animal burrow?

Tax Matters

  • Pastor’s residence exempt from real estate tax

Employment Law

  • Agency owes unemployment comp fees for art teachers


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