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March 1-15, 2008

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March 1-15, 2008

March 1-15, 2008

Nonprofit May Be Sued For Misusing Testimonial
Officer may be personally liable for participation in improper conduct

Memo to Directors on Conflict of Interest Is Not a Defamatory Publication
Court orders sanctions against director who filed frivolous libel suit against author

Provision of Articles of Incorporation Trumps Contrary Provision in Bylaws
Court rules that bylaw amendment is ineffective when approved by vote that conflicts with Articles

Ready Reference Page No. 103-B
Compliance Assessments Protect Charities – Part II

Proactive review can reduce the risks of waking up to adverse publicity and loss of trust

Issues Notes

  • Kramer, Sikes, Emerson to participate in PBI Institute
  • Thursday with the Editor, April 24

To the Point

Should a neighborhood association form a 501(c)(3)?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Court permits charities to defend fraudulent conveyance claims
  • Court refuses to appoint new director

Tax Matters

  • Some people are really hard to convince
  • Prospective exemption based on lien date, not application date

Employment Law

  • Hospital loses NLRB case for “beach balm” solicitation
  • Salvation Army ministers not protected by FLSA
  • Self-insured hospital may not fire employee for healthcare claims

Say That Again

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