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March 1-31, 2009

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March 1-31, 2009

March 1-31, 2009

Who Has Standing to Challenge Nonprofit Corporate Action?
Pa. court dismisses complaint by Blue Cross subscribers, policy holders

Insurance Policy Covers Claims By Race Participants Against Volunteer
Court decides case on certificate and application when policy was not issued until after event

Firefighters May Sue for Job Threats After Complaints of Harassing Solicitation
Court refuses summary judgment to either side when validity of retaliation depends on issues of credibility

Nonprofit Law YOU Want to Know
What happens when sole member is incapacitated?
May insolvent charity pay bonuses on dissolution?
May booster organization transfer funds to new school?
Can charity aid for-profit business?
May we establish scholarship fund for for-profit camp?
Can (c)(3) support school board candidate?

Issues Notes

  • Kramer to speak at PICPA Conference
  • Talk with the Editor, June 11

To the Point

May a nonprofit youth sports club purchase all the equipment and uniforms from the president’s sporting goods store, and can a director run the concession stand as his own profitable business?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Members can’t revoke resignation to share distribution
  • Church members share assets on dissolution
  • Gift to “endowment fund” is permanently restricted

Tax Matters

  • Taxpayer can’t get audit contacts under FOIA
  • Supporting organization not charitable

Employment Law

  • Whistleblower may proceed with case
  • Whistleblower may sue for discrimination

Say That Again

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