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March 16-31, 2005

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March 16-31, 2005

March 16-31, 2005

Beneficiaries May Sue Professional Solicitors For Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Fundraising
Disabled police have standing to pursue constructive trust when Attorney General does not adequately represent them

Citizen May Sue Foundation for Amounts Spent In Reliance on Grant Promised, But Not Made
Court allows claim for promissory estoppel for expenses incurred in participating in planning effort

Drafters of UMIFA Revisions Narrow List of Proposed Changes
Proposals no longer cover bank-held funds, reject presumption of imprudence for spending over 7%

Ready Reference Page
Independent Sector Proposes Charity Reforms In Interim Report to Senate Finance Committee

Panel promises additional recommendations later; Grassley praises effort as beneficial

Issues Notes

Secrets of Successful Fundraising
Thursday with the Editor, March 31

To the Point

What is the exact definition of "Board Consensus"? An assistant was recently fired by the charity director citing "board consensus" but I am a Board Trustee and I was never consulted.

Lessons from Litigation

  • Judge can’t order contribution to specific charity
  • Court may resolve church property dispute

Tax Matters

  • Medical transportation company denied exempt status

Employment Law

  • Funding source not critical in finding organization “religious”
  • Court partially rejects physician non-compete clause

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