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March 16-31, 2007

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March 16-31, 2007

March 16-31, 2007

U.S. May Prosecute For False 1023, Failing to Report Changes on 990
Government claims group obtained exemption by fraud, failed to report new activities in support of jihad

Heir Can’t Recover When CRUT Principal Is Not Replaced by Insurance
Court says financial advisers are not liable when mother funded CRUT before obtaining insurance to provide for son

Federal Volunteer Protection Act Defense Is Not Basis for Removal to Federal Court
Jurisdiction is based on allegations of complaint, not on defense that raises a federal question

SAS 112:  Internal Controls Take Center Stage
By Eric Fraint, President
Your Part-Time Controller, LLC

Issues Notes
Kramer, Sikes to speak at PBI Conference
Thursday with the Editor, May 10

To the Point
Who should appoint the auditors for a nonprofit?  

Lessons from Litigation
Donor list is deemed trade secret; former employee enjoined from keeping copy
Do directors continue if not re-elected?
Directors can’t dissolve without members’ vote
Court dismisses claim against judge who stopped referrals

Tax Matters
Girl Scout store is exempt from tax
Are club pro-shop, restaurant “commercial” uses?

Employment Law
Red Cross CEO fired, denied funds for counsel in investigations

Say That Again

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