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May 1-15 , 2005

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May 1-15 , 2005

May 1-15 , 2005

House Ways and Means Committee Holds Its Own Hearing on Nonprofit Oversight
Witnesses recount growth of sector, question whether exempt status is appropriate for all now exempt

Directors May Be Personally Liable For Approving Antitrust Violation
Board of for-profit sub of nonprofit trade association is not protected by laws protecting nonprofit directors

Barnes Student’s Appeal Dismissed Without Consideration of Standing, Merits
Pa. Supreme Court says student should have appealed within 30 days after being denied standing 

Risk and Reward
Five Things That Should Never Appear in an Employee Handbook 

Issues Notes

Order multiple copies of Nonprofit Issues for your office, Board
Kramer, Sikes to participate in PBI Institute
Thursday with the Editor, May 12

To the Point

I'm a board member of a nonprofit sports club for kids. We're redoing our bylaws. We came across an entry that stated executive board members, Active members, Reserve Members shall pay an annual fee of $5. No one has done this in the last 10 years of the organization. Can we remove it or is there a reason that it's there?

Lessons from Litigation

  • Legislators have no standing to intervene in charity’s accounting
  • ‘Peace Officer’ not entitled to director or officer protections

Tax Matters

  • Grassley, Baucus target supporting organizations for reform
  • What’s a board to do?

Employment Law

  • Employer may fire employee who fails stringent drug test

Say That Again?

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